Friday, May 06, 2011

Weekly Roundup- Mother's Day Weekend

With all the activity, technology mishaps and lack of sleep last week I forgot and ignored my 5th blogging anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been that long since the late April day in 2006 when I finally decided to add my voice to the developing beauty and perfume conversation. To say I had absolutely no idea what I was doing would be a huge understatement. I simply dabbed, slathered and wrote all about it. It took me months before I dared tell anyone I knew about the Non-Blonde. By that time I already had a couple of hundreds of regular readers, a fact that surprised and delighted me to no end. I couldn't even imagine where my spritz & tell adventure would take me, the people I was yet to meet and the wonderful audience I would find.

Last month The Non-Blonde had over 100,000 visitors (closer to 110K, actually) and 70% more than that in page views. I want to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting and making all these hours of quality time with lipstick, perfume and my laptop completely and utterly worth it.

Now, let's see what my friends have been doing this week:

Many of us have been curious about Beauty Is Life. Fab over Forty gave us some insight.
The Beauty Look Book featured the NARS eye shadow duos for summer. Do I need Dogon after all?
Product Girl told us about Lisa Hoffman's Japanese Argarwood Body Wash. This sounds divine.
BeautyXposé showed us how she got a faux glow with Beautisol Self-Tanner.
Gouldylox Reviews is loving LATHER's Avocado and Mint Hair Repair treatment. I'm in.
Daly Beauty featured Neutrogena's Ageless Intensives Night Cream.
DivaDebbi told us about the rejuvenating Pelleve skin-care treatment.
Café Makeup had the 411 on Hourglass Script Liquid Eyeliner, with comparisons. I'm currently testing and loving this one.
Best Things in Beauty has fallen in love with YSL's Volupté Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color. One cannot have too many sheer lip colors after all.
On Makeup & Beauty Blog, Karen has a list of nine things that made a difference and influenced her life in positive ways.
Bois de Jasmin brings us top 20 reader favorite perfumes. A must-read.
EauMG shows us how to get the vintage 60s look of Dalida (my mom is going to love this one).
Perilously Pale shares my love for Le Metier de Beaute cream blush.

Have a beautiful weekend and happy Mother's Day!

Photo of Princess Grace of Monaco and daughters Caroline and Stephanie from somewhere on the web. I can no longer find the source.


  1. Happy Anniversary! The Non-Blonde is required reading. :)

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary!

    I agree with Charlestongirl -- your blog should be required reading for anyone serious about beauty and perfume. It is by far the best I've come across and you have impeccable taste. I've learned about some great quality brands thanks to you. : )

    - Kel

  3. Happy Anniversary! I always consult your reviews before I make any scent decisions.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is always interesting and informative, your writing witty and the felines impossibly cool.

  5. Happy anniversary, and thank you for many, many hours of entertaining and informative reading.

  6. Happy anniversary! I've learned so much about perfume from reading this blog. Recently I've been sampling Mugler's Alien. I couldn't get a handle on it until wearing it after the weather recently cooled/dried (I live in Houston, TX) and wow - what a difference! (In fact, you probably saw my Alien search in your site analytics!) I love all of your reviews but I never thought the perfume - I'm not a collector or aficionado - would be my favorite. Thanks!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Your blog is well worth reading and always entertaining. You have wonderful taste and great reviews. I look forward to checking in every couple of days.

  8. Happy Anniversay Gaia!! Thank you so much for including me in your Weekly Roundup! I'm so flattered! I really do need to start paying closer attention to hour fragrance posts. I'm completely unknowledgable in that regard and at 35 years old am just starting to explore now ;-)

  9. Congratulations. I'm beginning to check out makeup brands and perfume based on your reviews. Reading your blog's always an education and I know I can trust your independent voice.

  10. 5 years is quite the accomplishment, congrats! I always look forward to your LMdB sneak peeks the best!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is huge source of information and colour reference for me. Definitely require reading! x

  12. Happy anniversary! Love reading your blog!

  13. Happy Anniversary! You're one of my all time favorite blogs.


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