Monday, May 16, 2011

Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner

When Hourglass said that their Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner is "a micro-fine, easy-glide felt tip liquid liner for the ultimate in precision lining" they meant every word. I've been a devoted user of felt tip eyeliners since the 80s (I also love cream and gels liners, but at any given point I also have a couple of pens in my collection). These products were the first ones I managed to use and actually be able to leave the house wearing them- it took me years before I figured out traditional liquid liners. So I've been through the vast majority of pen liners on the market, past and present, and didn't expect to be surprised by the new Hourglass pen.  I was wrong.

Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner has the finest, easiest to control tip I've come across. I can draw the thinnest, most natural line that almost melds with my lashes or create a dramatic 60s inspired cat eye and everything in between. I'm not a morning person and not exactly at the top of my game when I need to wake up early (any time before 8 am is considered before dawn here). But I've discovered that I can use the Hourglass liner even when I'm half asleep and extra grumpy. The result in the mirror is enough to improve my morning disposition on the spot. The color, Jett, is a very glossy and true black, on par with the other very black liners I have (Smashbox and Lancome Artliner). The ease of use and the way the pen glides is similar to my other big love from Le Metier de Beaute (you can see Amy's excellent comparison on Cafe Makeup).

I tried to show just how cooperative and versatile Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner can be in my ridiculous swatch. Karen has done a better job by actually scripting on her hand. My handwriting is pretty atrocious these days as other than checks and the occasional birthday card I never actually write anything. Apparently my drawing skills aren't that god, either, but it's all about intentions.

Bottom Line: a must have for liquid liner enthusiasts.

Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner ($32) is available from Barneys and Sephora. The product was sent for my consideration by the company.

All photos are mine.


  1. That looks just like Sophie! : )

  2. I love Hourglass. On the liner, I prefer the heavier-tipped Calligraphy. You can get a pretty fine line with it (use just the tip) but it gives you the option of a thicker line as well.

  3. Love the art!!

  4. I think we're all smitten with the cute little kitty on your arm. It's purrrrrr-fect :-)

    I'm fortunate to have long black lashes and so, for a super casual look, I like to make the most of them by smudging a dark shadow along the lash line and then working black liner into the base of the lashes. A swipe of black mascara and my lashes look long, thick, and lustrous without looking obviously made-up. I had been using La Ligne de Chanel in black with an ultra fine eyeliner brush, but switched to Script after learning about it. It's proven to be the perfect tool for the job. And, I love the really intense black color. Perfection!

  5. Love the kitty!!! You are quite the arteest LOL. That looks like a fabulous liner. Almost too precise!

  6. Thank you, Bridget! Sophie and I are very proud.

  7. Musette, I'm in a very Hourglass mood lately. Can't get enough of everything they make.

  8. Anon, thank you so much! I was worried everyone was going to laugh at my skillz ;)

  9. Eileen, I think I need to give Chanel eyeliners a second chance. Last time I tried La Ligne at the counter the SA was under-qualified (and I'm being polite here) and the whole experience put me off.

  10. PP, this is, indded, an amazingly precise liner. There's nothing similar on the market.


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