Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ellis Faas E205 Milky Eyes

Let's face it- these photos and swatches don't look particularly attractive. Some colors are like that- they can only be appreciated as part of an actual eye look. Ellis Faas E205 Milky Eyes is firmly in that category. It's a cream-to-powder (i.e. a dry formula) eye shadow in a cool dark brown shade that can be described as an old tree bark.

Photogenic or not, Ellis Faas E205 Milky Eyes is a versatile cream eye shadow that gives me very satisfying results. Like all other Ellis Faas eye shadows I've tried so far there's a learning curve to using it and incorporating it into a makeup routine. Between the unique formula and the annoying applicator, one need to put a little time and thought into using Milky Eyes successfully. I've had this one for about three months and I'm now at a point I use it at least twice a week, so yes, I think it's a really good one.

Unlike Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes and Lights, Milky has a sponge applicator. It's a better dispensing method than the godawful plastic brush, but I'd still strongly advise not to count on it for actual application. Just click the pen carefully until you have a very little amount of product and use good eye makeup brushes from that point. Here's what I do:

After applying a light eye shadow as a base all over the lid and brow bone (both creams like Bobbi Brown Sand Dollar or any nude color in powder formula) I put the eye shadow on the back of my hand and work it into a smooth layer with a brush. I then either use a MAC 217 for a sheer(ish) well-blended dark crease or a more precise cream shadow brush (I like Sephora Platinum #25 or even Bobbi Brown Touch Up brush) for defining the outer V. I blend as usual, with any of my favorites.

The result is a very polished and elegant neutral eye (it can be intensified, of course) that stays put for 16-18 hours without fading or creasing. I never doubted the quality of Ellis Faas formulas, but this one still managed to surprise me a little, because it looks so unassuming when you first try it on.

The only problem with Milky Eyes (just as with the other eye shadows of the line) is the amount of product that's wasted because of the application method. What you see in the photos is enough for three or four people . I've since learned to dispense a little less, but there's still a significant waste as evident by the amount of product left on the back of my hand every time. I know Ellis Faas is hard at work on improving the applicators and I dearly hope we see some results soon, as this is an excellent line that would have had a lot more devoted fans had it been easier to use.

Bottom Line: not for newbies.

Ellis Faas E205 Milky Eyes ($36) is available from Bergdorf Goodman, Space NK and ellisfaas.com. A press sample was sent from the company for my consideration.

All photos are mine.

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