Friday, May 13, 2011

Burberry 206 Blueberry Lip Mist Sheer Lipstick

I'm not ready yet to do a comprehensive summary of this season's sheer lipstick trend, and definitely not going to pick a favorite just yet (basically, I like them all for different reasons). But I have a feeling that if I ever get to that point, Burberry Lip Mist sheer lipsticks are going to be pretty high there. I still need a day or so with no. 205, Rosy Red, so more on that tomorrow, but I can tell you that Blueberry, no. 206, is a winner.

Blueberry is probably not the best name for this Burberry lipstick, because it's almost exactly the color of red grapes. On my arm it leans brown, but since my lips are naturally a very dark rose, a lot of it comes through and the result is an easy to wear, daytime and office-friendly plummish color. It's pretty, goes with just about everything (though I admit I haven't worn it with an orange dress and I'm not likely to do it) and is simply a great lipstick.

The texture is different than any of the other ones I've collected so far (Laura Mercier, Dior, Chanel and I'm probably forgetting a few). Burberry Lip Mist has a very low-key glossy finish and it applies like a regular lipstick (vs. the gel-like texture of Laura Mercier). The lasting time is less than Burberry's regular lipsticks but better than most glosses. The main difference between Burberry Mist and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is that Chanel dark colors leave a very long lasting stain on the lips while the shine is quick to disappear. Burberry Lip Mist has a lot more pigment on application, but it goes away almost completely after the first cup of tea or gradually wears off in about two hours. The level of coverage and pigmentation can be built- there's a distinct difference between one coat and two. I prefer not to do more than two- If I want lots of coverage I'd rather use a hard core lipstick.

Before I forget- those who object to the scent of Burberry regular lipsticks would probably want to stay away from the Mists as well. They smell the same: perfumy and makeup (which I kind of like, and find that it disappears quickly after application).

Bottom Line: As nice as it looks.

Burberry Lip Mist Sheer Lipsticks ($30) are a Nordstrom exclusive, online and in select locations.

All photos are mine.


  1. I saw these today and when the SA pointed to Blueberry as one of their best sellers, I immediately though of you! This is such a Gaia color. Wonderfully deep but more wearable and less opaque than Prune (which I have also been drooling over).

    Beautiful swatches. I of course got the 1 wearable neutral. The others were either too blue-based, too brown or too dark for my liking.

    I think I would have been all over Blueberry if summer weren't almost here.

  2. Here in Sydney, we're sliding into early Winter, so this would be the perfect shade for me - if only Burberry was available in Australia. From the swatch, the sheerness and the colour looks quite similar to Chantecaille Heirloom Lipchic, which is my go-to lip colour right now. Like you, I have very pigmented, rosy lips (probably at least partly from smoking), and this kind of plummy red, with its sheer, glossy texture, is a very easy shade for me to wear.

  3. Sabrina, yes, Blueberry is one of those colors that are obviously me. I think of you when I see pretty peach shades :) . So jealous you can wear them.

  4. Diana, I had no idea smoking did that to one's lips. I never smoked so in my case it's genes- my mom has very dark rosy lips.

    It sounds like I need to check Chantecaille Heirloom. I love the Lipchic formula.

  5. Blueberry looks fabulous , like it might replace the discontinued Clinique Black Lily - my HG sheer lippie in that dark shade of red/brown. Not too mauve , not too plum ...Must go buy....

  6. Carol, I'm ashamed to say I'm not familiar with Clinique Black Lily, but it sounds like I would have loved it.

  7. Gaia, I went back for the Lip Chic in Damask yesterday and comparing the two, I can say that it is very similar to Heirloom. Damask is a little darker and perhaps more neutral, with some slight brown undertones, whereas Heirloom is decidedly cool. Both look fantastic however, and I plan on getting a lot of wear out of them this winter.

  8. Ops. Wrong account. Above comment from "John" was me.

  9. Diana, that's good to know. I actually always have two tubes of Damask around at any time- one at home one in my purse.


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