Monday, May 23, 2011

Want: Elizabeth Taylor's Bel-Air house

Are you in the market for a Bel-Air property? Those of us who like to dream big in their fantasy shopping can get Elizabeth Taylor's Bel-Air house for $8.6 million.
1960s ranch house sits on approx. 1.27 acres with treetop views across Los Angeles.....Outside the main living area is a spectacular pool and spa inlaid with iridescent mosaic tile. Immaculately terraced gardens include a lawn with flowerbeds, arbor, hothouse for orchids and koi pond with waterfall. Trails around the perimeter of the property lead to a secret bamboo “jungle” and to the upper rose gardens.
 I could get used to it.

Photos: Mossler Properties.


  1. Wow! Maybe if enough of us came together we could time share the thing? :) It looks so inviting.

  2. Haha I was thinking the same thing when I saw those pics.

  3. Nobody needs that much.

  4. I wish you could buy it. Not just because you would be here to play with, but I could bet that whoever does purchase it will immediately raze it and put up some thyroidal horror that will "take advantage of the acreage" and have all the charm of a branch library,


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