Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow- Wisdom

Let's take a break from all the new summer collections (there's more coming, I promise) for something completely different. Kjaer Weis is a European brand specializing in organic and environmentally friendly makeup, using natural ingredients even as preservatives - who knew rose, honey suckle and gardenia were also good for makeup shelf life? Kjaer Weis might be green-minded, but as far as product design goes, these are not your health food store cosmetics. The packaging is incredible: unique, stylish and very sleek. And it's refillable, making me extra happy. I can't begin to tell you how much flimsy ugly disposable plastic annoys me, especially when it comes to high-end exclusive brands.

Kjaer Weis eye shadows come in four colors. I chose Wisdom, a beautiful medium taupe as my first one, because seriously- a taupe! Wisom's level of warmth changes with the light, as you can see in the photos. I'd say it's a perfect neutral.  Naturally, it's love. Smooth, satiny, blendable and long lasting (over a good primer- from morning till night without losing the finish), and have I mentioned Wisdom is a taupe? A perfect one, really, that plays well with everything I threw its way, from Bobbi Brown cream shadows as a base to Edward Bess and Le Metier de Beaute as complementing colors. I mostly use Wisdom all over the lid and in the crease,  paired with LMdB classics such as Jojo or Mulberry and a dark liquid liner.

Bottom Line: I'm a fan.

Kjaer Weis eye shadows ($44 for the shadow & case, $20 for each refill) is available from Space NK, in store and online.

All photos are mine.


  1. I'm so pleased you like this too. I love this colour, it's so special which I know to some people sounds completely mad. Yes, it's a taupe but it's not just any old taupe, something about the finish makes it look so beautiful on the eyes. I totally agree that it works well paired with lots of different eyeshadows. I may have to crack it out tomorrow!

  2. How gorgeous. What is the diameter of the pan? I'm wondering if it will fit in one of my larger palettes. Beautiful as the compact is, I'm not keen on paying so much for packaging...


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