Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What's In My Makeup Train Case?

My gravestone will say " I Do Not Travel Light". But you already know that. Packing tends to send me over the edge, and this current trip is no different. Primers, foundation, eye shadow palettes... and how many lip products does one need for a week?

(and I'm not even talking about shoes)

You can see that several of my most beloved and reliable products found their way into my (old, battered) train case. There shouldn't be any surprises here- LMdB Peau Vierge is a basic, and in case I need some extra coverage I also took Chanel foundation in a compact. Edward Bess stick concealer travels exceptionally well, as do pencil eyeliners (I also took one in cream form). My primers are Shu Uemura Stage Performer because it also perks up the skin and Paula Dorf eye primer because it's the best thing ever.

I packed my two LMdB face duos because they give several blush/bronzer blending options and they contain the classic Echo blush that goes with everything and never fails to look good. Powder is Guerlain Meteorites Voyage because it's a) excellent, and b) the sturdiest . I once experienced a powder explosion in my bag and this Guerlain compact guarantees it will never happen.

I took three eye shadow palettes, mostly neutrals (Edward Bess Island Escape and Chanel Prelude) with a touch of color in the form of a LMdB eye kaleidoscope. Most of the lipsticks I packed are on the neutral side, but you can't go to Paris without a good red. My Edward Bess Midnight Bloom has already seen the world a bit and has been traveling with me a lot.

There are also mascara (Hourglass Film Noir), a highlighter (YSL), a pencil sharpener (Dior) and Edward Bess lip liner. It's probably more than I really need, so why do I feel like I've forgotten something essential?

Stay tuned for a "What's In My Brush Roll?" on Friday.

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  1. It's hard to lightly pack when you have so much makeup in your collection. heheh <3

    I like to overpack too just in case "this or that" happens. =) It's better to be safe than sorry. lol

  2. Always love your posts! Have a great time in Paris!!!

  3. I am very impressed that you are taking a train case! I assume you will carry that on and not check it in. Heaven forbid our makeup gets held up somewhere! :) I'm not sure I could pare down to much less than that, either. You have chosen great, hardworking items, and I see many of my favorites among them.

  4. When I travel, I pack one of those pallets (the ones w/ several, small empty "wells") & I fill each well w/ concealers, lipsticks, stick blushes, etc. I also fell in love w/ Trish McEvoy's "Brush To Go Refillable Pen". I fill it w/ either liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer & there's enough in the pen to last over 2 weeks (w/ daily use!) That way I don't end up shlepping my heavy makeup bag w/ me. Have a great time in Paris!

  5. I just had that feeling this morning thinking what have I forgotten for only one night away. I packed everything and remembered on the way to work that I forgot my primer. argh! lol

    Have a wonderful adventurous trip!

  6. Traveling with a train case is so glamorous! Thanks for the peak. How do you pack your liquid products? Do you use any good dry cleansing products, wipes, etc.?

  7. Zuzu - you can't bring liquids in your hand luggage in europe - well only very small amounts and in a clear plastic bag! :(

    So I guess you will be checking in another bag? That's what annoys me most about air travel - trying to keep within the weight limits!! I really wanted to stock up on phyto shampoo when in Nice over the summer!

  8. I love your choices. I think PV is a really good base for travel. I hope you're having fun in Paris!

  9. I am very impressed that you can pare it down to that! Too many possibilities to be had in one week.

    I seem to subconsciously forget to pack a few items so that I "have" to shop for replacements.

    I hope you have wonderful and safe journey and I am very excited to hopefully see some pictures and hear about the trip!

    All the best to you!

  10. Very glamorous! I love train cases and have several of them. Alas, these days I am probably your Evil Makeup Twin! :-( Years of slogging through airports on biz (including the dreaded ShoeBomber Day from Hell, when I had to dump most of my liquids, etc ....but I digress...)

    These days I travel with one mascara, one liner pencil, a tube of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and my Prescriptives solid compact. A YEBB palette and 2 lipsticks (and one liner - for me it iw Rimmel Coffee - I have yet to find anything to beat it, weirdly enough)...

    If there's anything else I just can't live without, I Fedex it on ahead, to save the headache at TSA.

    Have a great time in Paris. Don't forget - UPS and Fedex make traveling home a LOT easier!


  11. Makeup planning for a trip is very important, esp a red lip. I'm curious though, will it be a Serge or Ellis Faas 101 red, inquiring minds want to know!
    Have a fabulous time in France :)

  12. The Guerlain compact is so, so beautiful. I want one just because it's pretty.


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