Monday, February 04, 2013

Keira Knightley On The Cover Of 'Marie Claire' March 2013

Keira Knightley is on the cover of  Marie Claire's March 2013 issue and I'm completely and utterly taken with her makeup. A well-defined metallic blue eye and neutral everything else-- this is a wonderful and flattering look for us browneyed girls. I'll do my best to get an official breakdown of this makeup and share it here, not to mention that I'm getting all my blue eye makeup out and starting to experiment this afternoon.

Photos: Marie Claire.


  1. Keira's lips seem to be painted rose-nude, don't you think?
    La Vizcondesa de Saint-Luc

  2. Stunning! I can't wait for you to find out what they used on her. She appeared in the cover for Allure magazine for either their Jan or Dec issue, and I was captivated by her red lipstick, turned out it is Chanel Allure Pirate. I have to get it!
    Thanks for discovering and sharing.

  3. Well, I don't usually follow celebrity hair styles but I asked for her cut that I saw on the Allure cover and I'm thinking her hair color here would work for me as well. I have to experiment with blue liner, I don't think it goes so well with me because I don't have those dark brown eyes but more of an olive brown. oh well! She looks great.

  4. Definitely not your grandma's blue eyeshadow and I'm old enough to know first hand! LOL. Keira looks stunning and I love the dramatic deep blue eye combined with a barely there rose beige cheek and lip. This will look gorgeous on all you doe-eyed brunettes

  5. I love her makeup here. I would love to know what she is wearing. In the meantime, I'll try to dig up a navy/sapphire shadow. And I love her brows. She is one of those people that can actually pull off the messy brow look.

  6. This can be a combo of Sisley midnight blue and Sisley khol perfect in pure sapphire

  7. Did you ever find out what blue eyeshadow was used for this look? Marie Claire states that it is Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mirifique, but that can't be so since that's a black eyeshadow.

    1. I'm still trying, but the only PR answer I got was the same, Mirifique, which obviously isn't the whole truth. My guess is that if they didn't use Apparition (which was a limited edition), or a future product not yet on the market, it can actually be Mirifique as a base with the bottom left blue from Lagons quad on top. Oh, and some photoshop...


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