Monday, February 18, 2013

Want: Balenciaga Bi-Colored Stardust Sandals

Suede isn't all that practical, is it? But I'm in love with these yellow and charcoal gray Balenciaga sandals. They also come in solid colors (black or gray), but this version is more springy and has a lightness that can make it work with many dresses and still enough of the Balenciaga architectural edge.



  1. Ah those are so pretty! There's something about a structured sandal/shoe I love too. I'm also into the two-toned thing at the moment - this totally fits. Too bad about the yellow suede factor - I can't imagine keeping that clean myself!

  2. Oh my heavens! Swoon. What a gorgeous buttery yellow!

  3. What a gorgeous color! That heels looks comfortable too, not too high and a bit more support than a stiletto.


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