Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Delicate Hummingbird Long-lasting Eye Shadow

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long lasting Eye Shadow in Delicate Hummingbird has a cult status that's much deserved. Fans of Rouge Bunny Rouge (and I'm definitely one) adore the texture of all their eye shadows- both matte and shimmery. Delicate Hummingbird is of the latter group, and it adds light and life to the face without any glitter or particles that get everywhere. It's the right kind of shine that comes with a very complex and hard to describe color- a purplish taupe? a plummy milk chocolate with pink glaze? or maybe the most accurate description comes directly from Rouge Bunny Rouge: "Cool, dusky sugar-frosted plum, iridescent with pink shimmer".  All of the above, if you ask me.

The beautiful shade of Delicate Hummingbird works for countless looks from a daytime neutral to attention-grabbing evening glam (apply over a dark cream base or a black pencil, add some cobalt blue). The texture is wonderful and easy to work with. I'm a Rouge Bunny Rouge devotee who hopes to own every single color from their When Birds Are Singing range, but if you're new to the brand this is not a bad place to start.

Bottom Line: Gorgeous.

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Delicate Hummingbird Long-lasting Eye Shadow ($27 full size, $19 for the smaller refill) is available from BeautyHabit, Zuneta (for international shipping) and directly from rougebunnyrouge.com. Also: several eye shadow colors that were phased out from the other retailers were NOT discontinued, just made RBR site exclusive.
The product for this review was sent for my consideration by the company.


  1. Delicate Hummingbird is just gorgeous! I just hit pan in it...after my depotted pan smashed up in my free form palette while I traveled!

  2. I love it too so very pretty! Too bad some colors went exclusive to the RBR site, the shipping costs to the US are unpleasant. The new ones Snowy Egret & Eclipse Eagle are great as well.

  3. I'm wearing this today with just a slick of black gel liner and mascara. It was my first Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow and it's still my favourite.


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