Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Addiction Sheltering Sky Eye Shadow

Addiction is a high-end Japanese makeup brand designed by makeup artist Ayako (@ADDICTION_AYAKO on Twitter). It's another one of those highly-coveted lines that get us jumping through hoops to acquire, as it's not available in the US or in Europe through regular retail venues. My first Addiction item was their beautiful blush in Rose Bar. I've now added  a few eye shadows, and all I can say is that it's true love.

Addiction eye shadow in Sheltering Sky is a medium blue, somewhere between cobalt and sapphire with a slight purple leaning, and has a very (VERY!) subtle pearlized finish. The pigment intensity is out of this world: the swatch above was done with a MAC 217 (not an ideal tool for this product) brush that has barely touched the pan's surface. I'd recommend working with smaller and very soft brushes when dealing with Addiction eye shadows (unless you're going for a more edgy high-fashion look), use a light touch and blend with a neutral matte. The eye shadow offers excellent longevity and doesn't lose one bit of oomph. I apply it over a primer/base and the color stays put through thick and thin, NYC weather, mall overheating, and a rainstorm.

Bottom Line: worth the effort.

Addiction Sheltering Sky Eye Shadow is available in select Japanese department stores (¥2000 JPY) or online through with a substantial markup (¥3200JPY).


  1. Wow, that color is stunning. I wish all these Japanese brands were more easily obtainable. It's such a pain paying such a huge markup at some sites or having to inconvenience friends to help. Perhaps our luxury e-retailers can think about carrying lines like Addiction. I would love Sheltering Sky and I would love one of the cheek sticks.

  2. This color is gorgeous! I have a couple Addiction eyeshadows and I love them, my favorite is Safari Mode.

  3. Wow! That is different. And beautiful. But I would never in one million years be able to pull that off.

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous color! I am all about blues in every variation, and this looks like a wonderful addition to my collection..... waaant!


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