Sunday, February 03, 2013

My Top Ten Smoky Perfumes

This started as a joke: The husband suggested that in honor of the Super Bowl I should write about smoky perfumes. In case you wondered, I have zero interest in football (except for a personal grudge against the Jets), and even less than that in tailgate parties and celebratory barbecue. But smoky notes in fragrance are a completely different matter. Smoke in scent is related to tobacco notes, incense, oud, and vetiver; I didn't want to fully cross into these categories, which all deserve their own Top Ten lists, but it's pretty hard to completely avoid it. I concentrated on fragrances that are distinctively smoky and some honorable mentions. In no particular order:

Honorable Mention:  CB I Hate Perfume- Burning Leaves (conceptual and evocative), Sonoma Scent Studio- Fireside/Fireside Intense (a very realistic campfire), Profumum Roma- Fumidus (a more intense take on the idea of Cumming. I'm not sure it's wearable, but it's interesting). 


  1. Gaia, I would like to request a Top Ten Gourmand selection, please! I'm really enjoying your Top Ten series. I appreciate your excellent taste, your writing style and your sense of humor. And anyone who loves cats as much as I do, let's face it, can do no wrong.

  2. What about Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather? Would that be considered a smoky perfume? Smoke + leather are the main notes.

    + I second the request for a Top Ten Gourmand selection!

  3. I really like your top ten smoky perfumes, especially because I found my favorites on this list, but I'd add something extra - Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano.

  4. I think the only one on the list that I've tried is Black Afghano. I like it, but that stuff has the longevity of uranium! The last time I tried it I could still smell it on my skin 24 hours later and after a shower.

    I also layers nicely with China White (my favorite Nasomatto).

  5. I am slso really enjoying your Top 10 lists! Fumerie Turque is on my list of favorite smokeys too and I would add Cartier La Treizieme Heure XIII.

  6. Have you tired the CDG Black fragrance? I tried it recently and it makes my eyes roll its so magnificent. Dark. Smoky. Black. Leather, tabacco, licorice. Love!!! Only thing is I can't wear it around my husband or friends because I'd just smell like an ashtray. Boo hoo. I'd love to see a licence scent list from you!!


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