Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Suqqu Cheek Brush

Suqqu Cheek Brush is one of the smallest blush brushes I have (other than the small HakuhodoYachiyo brushes). It's another of Suqqu's legendary soft gray squirrel hair brushes with a full and wide(ish) head and a relatively flat curve. The brush offers a wonderful balance between firm and plush, and is small enough to be incredibly versatile in the tasks it can perform and the range of products it's able to apply and blend.

Since Suqqu Cheek Brush is a bit wider than my RMK, I'd say that if you're looking to contour the latter is probably better. Interestingly, I've found thet brush closer to this Suqqu in size and shape is Chanel #4 blush brush (new version). Of course, the Suqqu one is much softer.

The obvious question is how does Suqqu Cheek brush compares to some top Hakuhodo blush brushes? So far I haven't found an exact replica, but obviously Hakuhodo has some wonderful options. The closest is probably Hakuhodo Kokutan Blush S, though it's a tad flatter and perhaps floppier (the hair is a mix of blue squirrel and synthetic). Another magnificent Hakuhodo blush brush is B505 (Basic Series); the latter is equal to Suqqu in softness but bigger and offers a curvier and slightly pointy top. I sometimes use the two together, as a matter of fact, because I have somewhat of an overblushing phobia, so the bigger B505 helps me do some extra blending when I feel the need.

Bottom Line: the only thing stopping me from having three backups is the price.

Suqqu Cheek Brush (£85.00 ~$132) is available from Selfridges in the UK, select department stores in Asia, and online through (the latter charges a significant markup).

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  1. Thank you for the information on where to buy. I had to bite the bullet and go with the option for the SUQQU cheek brush, as apparently my phone won't allow me to call Selfridges. Am interested to see how this brush compares to my Hakuhodo brushes. Thank you again. Your blog is very informative.


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