Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New From Edward Bess

There are new products coming from Edward Bess, as well as the much awaited re-release of the lipsticks in their previous formula (and round packaging) with new shades joining the existing ones (and a couple of reissues).

There's a new compactblus, Blush Extraordinaire, in three shades (Bed Of Roses, Secret Affair, and Filled Desire). Take note that the older Blush Imperiale no longer appears on Bergdorf Goodman's site (it's still at Sephora and on Edward Bess website, both not yet updated to include the new products). $43.

The revamped lipsticks include old favorites as well as new ones. I'm especially curious about Endless Dream and Island Blossom. $32.

There's no release date yet, but the new products are available for pre-order from


  1. I'm so glad the old lipstick formula and case are coming back for good! Those new blushes look stunning. I am looking forward to seeing them in person when they are released.

  2. I will be thrilled beyond description if Forever Yours comes back with its original texture and color.

  3. This is the news that all of us EB lipstick fans have been eagerly awaiting--our favorites plus new shades in the satiny smooth formula we've come to love. And the new blushes look gorgeous. The three new Blush Extraordinaire shades look like the perfect wardrobe of color for spring into summer. I've had all the Blush Imperials at one time or another. Looks like I have something new to collect :-) Thank you, Edward!

  4. Sweet! I've been waiting to buy lipsticks until the reformulated version came out. I do love his products.

  5. Rose Demure has been a previously released Edward Bess lipcolor,right?

    1. Yes, it has. It was released together with Demi Buff. This is a re-issue.

    2. Thank you. I was on the fence about that one for a few months then forgot about it!


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