Monday, June 03, 2013

Helena Bonham Carter Vogue UK July 2013 Cover

Helena Bonham Carter is adorable even if too often her personal style channels her Harry Potter character, the deranged Bellatrix Lestrange. She's quirky, unique and beautiful in her own way. She's also interesting-- both to look at and to read about. The second photo you see above is a candid paparazzi photo taken last week. That's how Helena Bonham Carter looks after a long day running around London. Not bad at all (hey, my hair does the same thing). The Vogue UK July 2013 cover is another one of those Photoshop atrocities that to me represent sheer hatred of the woman photographed. Otherwise, why give her a whole new face and body? What's the point of doing that to her face? If you don't want the real Helena Bonham Carter on the cover don't bother photographing her in the first place.

Photo credit:
Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott  for Vogue UK (no word on who did the photoshopping)
Bauer Griffin


  1. I love HBC,quirks and all-that's what makes her so very adorable and interesting. I wish Vogue wouldn't have photoshopped her half to death, there's no need of it!

  2. I adore her. Gorgeous, talented, intelligent, unconventional--she's the whole package. And she's *real.* Take note, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams, and others.

  3. I totally agree with you on photoshopping. It makes me feel like the magazine/editor/photographer/whoever doesn't feel I am intelligent enough to be able to handle "the real person" and need to have some false, fabricated picture to keep my interest. Helena Bonham Carter is much more interesting in her candid photo. The cover photo doesn't even look like her and could be any one of a number of plastic models from any magazine or editorial layout.

  4. A lot of them don't look like themselves when on particular covers. I am amazed that they keep posing for them.

  5. Thank goodness you told me who that was on the cover of Vogue ---- its another woman --- not HBC !!! LOL !!!

    Honestly - women should STOP buying these magazines - they insult women - especially older women!

  6. love her! hate the photoshopped vogue chin

  7. agree! she's one of my favorites, and this cover has her nearly unrecognizable.

    would we buy magazines that had untouched photos, or are we so used to them that they would not appeal to us? i know i dink with my own pics before sending them to anyone! and there is something about the aspirational quality of fashion mags that some might argue requires the photoshopping.

    strangely, and sort of still on topic, today i saw a still from a recent interview beyonce did, and i did not recognize her - AT ALL! has she done something to her face, or is it the blonde hair? she truly did not look like other images i've seen of her. so odd.


  8. Thanks for your comment about how these Photoshop jobs feel hateful of real faces and bodies; I absolutely agree. We really need to come to terms with how people actually look (even insanely attractive people like HBC). The current mainstream magazine style really isn't doing anyone any favors: we're missing out on the real artistry of fashion and cosmetics, while raising unrealistic expectations, and being taught to beat ourselves more effectively with the stick of poor self esteem.

  9. Back in the day, when retouching had to be painstakingly done by hand using a paint brush, most touch-ups were confined to removing an errant hair, touching up a blemish, filling in a bald spot, etc. The creative use of lighting and the artistic approach to makeup were the primary ways a celebrity's unique beauty was enhanced. The result? We were presented with easily recognizable pictures of beautiful celebrities with compelling and unique features. Completely restructuring a persons face, changing the natural coloring, switching out body parts from one photo to another, and other such weirdness just didn't happen. Nowadays, magazines think nothing of photoshopping the very heart and soul out of a celebrity's appearance and presenting the public with an image that is as phony as a three dollar bill. How sad for the celeb to know that their appearance just isn't good enough, that the magazine doesn't really want their image but is only after the use of their name.

  10. Wow she doesn¡t look like her at all, but have you seen that picture of her characterized as Elizabeth Taylor?

  11. I honestly didn't mind the photoshopping. I find it more arty than trying to make her look super sexy. However, attaching it to the "ageless style issue" where they are apparently discussing age & staying young looking, makes the whole thing shameful.

  12. The lovely HBC is known very affectionately to a certain group of my friends as "Helena Bonham YumYum", because she's so delish. :-)


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