Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Thymes- Bitter Orange & Cedar Candle

This one is completely not weather appropriate, but I won't tell if you don't.  Bitter Orange & Cedar candle from Thymes is perhaps one of the best candles I've come across in a very long time. The scent is a warm and lightly spiced wood; it's very relaxing and luxurious. The candle burns for long hours (it took us weeks to  deplete it) and has a significant throw without suffocating. Add to that the packaging: dark brown glass tied with a leather cord that has a little tree branch charm --the presentation is very pretty and makes a great gift.

But back to the scent itself (Thymes has always been about the fragrance, after all): you don't have to be a fragrance aficionado to appreciate the smooth dark wood with the uplifting tinge of orange. Bitter Orange (petitgrain) is a great note that offers the spicier aspect of orange without juicy sweetness. It can add dryness to softer compositions or lighten wood notes, as it does for this Thymes candle. Te result is very smooth and luxurious, more "perfume" than aromatherapy, but calming nonetheless. Bitter Orange & Cedar is probably more of a fall scent, but in the air-conditioned house it's a welcome evening ritual even now.

 Thymes- Bitter Orange & Cedar Candle ($32) is available at select stores and from

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  1. Thymes Frazier Fir has been my favorite winter candle for years. I'll have to try this one too.


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