Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Providence Perfume Company- Mousseline Pêche

Indie perfume and indie fashion are a good combination. Based on this example, Mousseline Pêche by Providence Perfume Company, a limited edition fragrance collaboration between perfumer Charna Ethier and fashion designer Jonathan Joseph Peters, who lives and works in Providence. If Peters' name sounds familiar, it's probably because he was a contestant on Project Runway Season 7 (the winner was Seth Aaron; other notable designers were Mila, Emilio, and fan favorite Anthony).

Mousseline Pêche is about fabric, color and their relationship with skin, which if we think about it, this concept is just as relevant for perfume. This relationship has a tactile aspect that is often compared to peach skin. Put it all together and you get Mousseline Pêche.

The fragrance opens with sunshine. An incredibly balanced blend of citrus notes that feels sheer like a see-through fabric. There's no sharpness or juiciness, just an impression of an early morning light. As the peach and rose make an appearance, Mousseline Pêche becomes somewhat sweeter. It's a testament to Charna Ethier's incredible talent that this accord is not cloying and saccharin-like. Not only that, it's also incredibly realistic, and as I mentioned above, tactile.

Mousseline Pêche has a powdery facet and a link to classic perfumery, yet it's light and summery. The overall feeling of the fragrance is incredibly pretty-- it is, indeed, the equivalent of a summer silk dress for a special event. It trails behind you a little, exposes a little skin when the breeze plays with your sheer wrap. The romantic feel of vintage rose makes me think Mousseline Pêche would make a perfect bridal fragrance, something to make an unforgettable romantic honeymoon, or just a beautiful summer treat.

Notes: yuzu, pink grapefruit, rosewood, peach accord, ylang ylang, rose otto, tonka, vetiver, spun sugar (natural maltol).

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Providence Perfume Company- Mousseline Pêche ($50, 15ml EDT-- lasting power is more like a good EDP) is a limited edition fragrance, available from The sample for this review was sent by the perfumer.

Jonathan Joseph Peters preparing a model for a photoshoot via the designer's Instagram account.
Kristian Schuller- Models On The Beach.

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