Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thymes- Ginger Milk Bath & Shower Gel

The good people at Thymes have brought back a selection of products from their original classic scent ranges: Fig Leaf & Cassis (my absolute favorite), Ginger Milk, Green Tea, and Sleep Well. They also made their Filigree range permanent once again, as is the heavenly Goldleaf (if only they bring back the laundry detergent!). I was recently sent a bottle of Ginger Milk Bath & Shower Gel by Thymes PR, so blame them for the extra time I spend in the shower these days.

Ginger Milk is a zesty citrus scent, tart and refreshing, over a sweet musky base (notes: lime, ginger, tamarind, vanilla, cucumber, ambrette seed). I enjoy how the ginger note emerges after the citrus, making the scent a little more unusual. It doesn't linger much once the soft later is rinsed, and by the time I'm out of the bathroom there's nothing left, so no clashing with my lotion and perfume. The shower gel is gentle enough for my finicky skin, and not drying at all, at least at this time of the year.

I also got to try the room spray in Ginger Milk. It's very nice but doesn't last at all. I wish it came in a candle and/or a linen spray, so the scent would linger a while longer. As it is I'd advice you to skip the home spray mist and stick with the body products.

Thymes- Ginger Milk Bath & Shower Gel ($25, 12.25 oz) is available from thymes.com. The product for this review was provided by PR.

Photo: lindawagner.net


  1. Squeeeeee! *happy dance*. I have several friends who are on the hunt for the Fig (including myself) and the Ginger. I must. spread. the. word.....

  2. Gaia,
    Do you know if the Ginger is the same as White Ginger? I've received conflicting information from the Thymes. From what they've told me, the Fig is idential to the original.

    1. Liz, no, they aren't and were never identical. If I remember correctly, White Ginger replaced Ginger Milk when it was discontinued.


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