Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Want: Hydrangea Jewelry By Patrick Irla

Hydrangeas say summer, which is why I'm utterly taken right now with the work of artisan jeweler Patrick Irla from Michigan. The hydrangea 18K gold and silver necklace has a fairy tale quality yet looks modern and very chic ($580. There's also a beautiful all-sterling version for $158). The matching  ring ($310) , just like the jeweler's other creations is completely handmade- casting, fabrication, and finishing. There's a short video on the designer's site that shows him at work, and it's fascinating for those of us who love to see how pretty things are made.

The earrings above are perhaps the most beautiful item ($145, sterling silver, made to order), and unfortunately they're post (kike all of Patrick Irla's earrings), so not suited for my non-pierced ears. The texture and satin finish make the flowers look almost real. The jeweler's website doesn't offer e-commerce, but he has an Etsy store, which is how I discovered his work.

All photos of Patrick Irla Jewelry is copyrighted by the artist. I'm not affiliated with him or with his store in any way, shape or form, and the link above is only provided for your convenience.


  1. He really makes some beautiful pieces and I want them all! :) I really like delicate floral pieces, especially with stones. So much shopping, so little time.

  2. Love his work! I saw on one of his listings that he will make earrings for non-pierced ears - so get in touch with him!

  3. By complete luck, I managed to pick up a pair of dangly hydrangea earrings by Patrick Irla on a local auction site for about 30USD. I didn't know they were by him until I had them in my hands and read the signature. I'm thrilled, of course. But I'm also enamored. The earrings move beautifully, the detail and finish is fantastic, and they come across as very high quality. I dare say they are well worth what he charges new, and I might have to start saving for more.

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