Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kevyn Aucoin- The Eye Shadow Singles - Matte 105

Kevyn Aucoin Matte #105 swatched over an eye primer

 There are some new eye shadows in the Kevyn Aucoin line; the duos were released in the last couple of months (I'll review one soon), and now the new single matte eye shadows join them. They only come in six colors so far, all neutral and very basic, so I chose #105, Taupe Grey; because, hey! It's taupe.

The new packaging is square and a bit more refined than the Kevyn Aucoin old singles (you can see them here and here). There's a fabric pouch, but thankfully no silly sponge applicator. The texture is, indeed, completely matte, and I have to warn those of you who don't use an eye primer that it's just not going to work. These Kevyn Aucoin matte eye shadows will not blend over bare skin and are going to look might ugly (see below):

Kevyn Aucoin Matte #105 swatched over bare skin with the same brush (Hakuhodo B532)
I think this proves the point.

Kevyn Aucoin Matte #105 is definitely a taupe. It looks gray in the pan, but leans brown on skin (as you can see, the primer also makes the color appear more true to the pan). It's not very exciting, I guess, because most of us have several eye shadow colors in this family. I actually thought I had an identical Bobbi Brown color, but the ones I tried were still slightly different, so there you go.

Kevyn Aucoin- The Eye Shadow Singles - Matte 105 ($30) is available from Bergdorf, Barneys, and


  1. Nice to see some matte colors in eyeshadow. So many nowadays are shimmery.


    1. True. I could definitely use more matte eye shadows in fabulous textures. I think the problem is that many people aren't sure how to work with mattes and often skip primer. Also, these eye shadows require good brushes and many are hesitant of the investment.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if I could use it for contouring, Have you tried it?


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