Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lancome By Alber Elbaz: Let's Talk About It

Most of you are probably on Lancome's mailing list, so you already received the invitation to "become a VIP" and pre-order the Lancome Show Collection By Alber Elbaz. There've been teasers in previous weeks and a lot of hype and excitement around the line that promised to offer shades from the existing range and a few new or reworked ones. Apparently, at least in the reservation period before the collection ships on June 15, only 200 pieces are available every day (as of writing this there are supposedly 60 more pieces available, though the palettes seem to have been sold out).

My first problem is with this artificial hype/scarcity. It's not that Lancome can't take your order just yet. They just don't want to do it. Does it really make the first lucky 200 each day feel more special? Will missing on the palette today make you rush to the website again tomorrow? I'm a bit put off by it, to be honest. The other issue are the products themselves. We knew that there'll be repackaging of items from the permanent line and that's actually not a bad idea. Instead of a limited edition color that one adores but runs out you can get a favorite palette in the special Alber Elbaz packaging. I just wish that it was something more imaginative than the Color Design All-In-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palettes the ones in Lancome's Alber Elbaz collection are Taupe Crazed, Mint Jolie, Midnight Rush and Rose Coquette. A couple of them have been removed on Lancome website from the regular line but they're available at Sephora. I wasn't crazy about these palettes when they first came out and I'd prefered the Alber Elbaz palettes to be a "select your own" of the Color Design singles, if not a completely new and original combination/product.

What do you think? Did you buy anything? Are you planning a purchase? Are you still excited about this collection?


  1. I haven't used Lancôme for twenty years or more, but this is rather MAC-ish (well, worse than MAC) of them--it reeks of desperation. Another reason not to use Lancôme.

  2. I have never been a big fan of Lancome products, not that they are worthless or anything; I just don't find much that is attractive to me about them.

  3. I do not care about this collection. I do not care about Lancome in general. Recycling, boring, over-priced, consumerism, and L'Oreal. These are my associations, and just my opinion. And, I will never understand people who are getting excited about recycled makeup palettes. But, never mind...I like your post!


  4. I used to love and wear Lancome cosmetics (and perfumes) frequently but haven't been excited about them in quite a while. I hope this line adds a touch of new vitality to the brand. They've lost their mo-jo I'm afraid.

  5. Lancome is the first beauty brand I aspired to own and collect. It was recommended to me by a friend who had just come back from a year in Europe. I remember seeing all the pretty blue bottles (--this was when Lancome came in pretty blue bottles) lined up in the bathroom cabinet, and I wanted them!

    I still consider it a good solid brand, but it doesn't "wow" me anymore. As for the Alber Elbaz packaging, it's cute but it's not my taste, so I won't be rushing to buy anything. And I am put off by the false scarcity tactics. In fact, with few exceptions, I pay very little attention to limited edition products anymore. If it's not going to become a favorite that I can repurchase, or something special that I can save up for, why bother?

  6. I haven't purchased anything from Lancôme in ages but will get a mascara from this collection just for the packaging. Childish I know but I kind of like it! As for the palettes, the taupes is very nice but I already have quite a few of these so it won't be a go for me.

  7. Those insipid drawings are not exactly charming- they're even kind of...vulgar. What happened to fashion illustration that glorified adult women (Rene Gruau, etc.) instead of reducing them to childish scribbles of T and A? And...it's Lancome. I find it difficult to get excited about them these days.

    Unrelated: I've been enjoying this blog for two years- who knows why this article prompted me to come out of hiding? Anyway, I greatly enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  8. I bought one mascara, and I actually like the packaging. I don't use many Lancome products at all, but I was excited to pick up a mascara. I am on their mailing list and did not receive any of these mailings, which is just as well as the whole scarcity would have probably turned me off completely. Sounds like Lancome needs to revamp itself they way Estee Lauder is doing.


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