Thursday, August 29, 2013

Avon- Here's My Heart (Vintage Perfume)

Do you think that anyone today could get away with a name like "Here's My Heart" for any kind of product? It strikes me as so incredibly innocent and simple, just like the rose-colored nostalgic view of the fifties that ignores all of the harsh realities, fears, and less savory aspects of that decade. But when it comes to perfume, we often find  that fragrances that were once considered young and girly smell quite sophisticated to a modern nose that's used to neon pink stuff with names like Pink Juicy Fantasy.

Here's My Heart by Avon was a 1957 perfume. From the info I could gather, it was considered a youthful offering. The 1959 Avon ad above also points in that direction.  Here's My Heart opens like a classic aldehydic floral, very poised and ladylike. Then again, those were the expectations from young women, so the No.5 aspirations shouldn't surprise us. Here's My Heart is not a Chanel copycat. Once the aldehydes settle down, the fragrance gets a green angle, crisp and fresh in the best possible way. It becomes more floral and powdery over time, and the carnation in the ad aren't there by mistake-- they can also be smelled.

As the hours go by, Here's My Heart becomes softer and more powdery. There's an iris note and a woody dry-down. It's very mellow and kind of dry-- none of the bombshellness of vintage No.5, no vanilla or explosive animalic musks. I can see why it was considered very proper and girly for the young ladies in poodle skirts. This kind of femininity is romantic and non-threatening. Yet, cultural references aside, I find the fragrance very pretty, easy to wear, and despite the Avon image and all its baggage, Here's My Heart smells quite luxurious, like quite a few of the brand's old perfumes.

My vintage bottle is labeled "cologne", but it has an all day longevity, so who knows what's in there. Avon discontinued Here's My Heart years (probably decades) ago, but if you look yard sales, Goodwill stores and the like you still have a chance of scoring a bottle for half a song.


  1. I have tried Avon perfumes before so I do not mind trying this one out. Kinda curious on its scent. I'll def check on this one this weekend.

  2. I have never cared for any of Avon's fragrances; but they are interesting. I had not thought about any of them for years! I guess that they are still going strong though. Every once in awhile I see a booklet somewhere.

  3. I got a chuckle out of your girls in poodle skirts and, although I never actually had one, I did wear Here's My Heart. I received it as a birthday gift from a friend whose mom was an Avon lady. And what do I remember most about it? Not the fragrance. I remember the odd plastic coating on the bottle. :-)

  4. When I saw this post I thought OMG - Here's My Heart was the very first fragrance I ever wore. I was fifteen (it was 1969)and received it as a gift from a friend whose mom sold Avon. I remember being thrilled beyond measure (my very own perfume!) and I also remember the boy I had a hopeless crush on at the time, although I cannot remember the fragrance itself. I have moved on since then (in the fragrance and the romance departments) and had completely forgotten about Here's My Heart until I saw your headline.

  5. In Brazil it is called 'Toque de amor' (Touch of love) and is still available! I love it!

  6. Can you still get it from avon

  7. I've got a small bottle blue in color of Here's my Heart cologne C-730 stated on the bottom of the small bottle.


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