Sunday, August 04, 2013

Providence Perfume Company- Branch & Vine Cologne

The newest fragrance from Providence Perfume Company is a green floral eau de cologne for summer. I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't sound like the most intriguing thing ever, but as always, perfumer Charna Ethier of Providence managed to surprise me with what just may be the most elegant interpretation of this classic theme.

Branch & Vine Cologne is opens with a dry green burst that quickly morphs into a beautiful sparkling jasmine. The summer garden inspiration is apparent: you want to wear a white sundress and a parasol so you stroll amid the green shrubs and beautiful flowers leaning on the arm of your dashing beau (or maybe you're  a dapper gentleman. It works both ways). The leaves are supple, the flowers grow in perfect clusters, and the sun shines brightly making the garden feel like the most beautiful place in the world.

The bitter green accord the frames Branch & Vine is wonderful. I smell stems and leaves at their freshest liveliest stage. The flowers are white and yellow, but they're not heady in any way. Even the jasmine and neroli are here to enhance and decorate the vines and greenery that are the core of this Providence fragrance.

The longevity of Branch & Vine surprised me for the better. Colognes are obviously meant to provide a quick fix of freshness, not to scent you for the day. The perfumer is straightforward about it by telling us to spray it lavishly, which is exactly right: you want to soak and roll in this beauty. But even with careful use of the sample I got, I notice that some of the green aroma has stuck onto my skin for three or four hours at a time, probably thanks to the light vetiver dry-down.

Notes: sunflower, green bitter orange, mimosa, muguet leaf accord, neroli, jasmine sambac, vetiver, fir, violet leaf.

Providence Perfume Company- Branch & Vine Cologne ($80, 1 oz EDC) is available from The sample for this review was sent by the perfumer.

Art: Alley Of The Summer Garden In st. Petersburg by Ivan Shishkin, 1869.


  1. Hmmm...very curious on this scent. I really wonder how it smells. Got to get samples of this....

  2. I am sampling this today and agree with your entirely. It is a very well done green cologne and I want a bottle.

  3. I love this scent, it was in my August Olfactif package. Even though gardenia is not a listed note, that is what I smell. Not the awful synthetic gardenia but the real blossom with its peppery aspects. I highly recommend this!


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