Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lancome Gris Fatale Color Design Eye Shadow Palette

Lancome Color Design All In One Palettes include both a nude eye base (horizontal, top) and a dark liner (horizontal, bottom) that match the color theme of the other eye shadows. In the case of Lancome Gris Fatale (#600), we're talking about a classic smoky eye .

I love the nude eye shadow base Lancome included here. It has an almost creamy texture that works as a primer when you apply it all over the lid, and lets the color products grab onto it and stay put. On the other hand, the liner is unconvincing unless you apply it with a damp brush. Then it's a pretty standard almost-black with some unnecessary sparkle particles. Why can't Lancome just give us a good matte? Who needs glitter in an eyeliner when the eye shadows themselves are already shiny enough?

Speaking of which, all three eye shadows in Gris Fatale are very shimmery with an almost foiled finish. They're pretty and the texture is quite good- smooth with little to no fallout. The colors are silver, charcoal, and an elegant taupe, which is the one eye shadow in this palette that I know will be used up. I've been applying the base all over the lid with the taupe as my main color, finishing with a dark eyeliner pencil and that's it. Obviously, the silver/charcoal combination can be used as desired, I just don't like the disco ball effect very much.

Bottom Line: what you see is what you get.

Lancome Gris Fatale Color Design Eye Shadow Palette ($49) is available at the counters and from The product in this review was GWP. Regular size palettes also come with two sponge applicators.

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