Sunday, August 11, 2013

Krigler- Juicy Jasmine

New York City has several well-known perfume destinations, but Krigler is still kind of a secret, though the brand has actually been around since the turn of the (20th) century. Krigler's back catalog includes around 200 scents created over the span of one hundred years, but the house made its comeback at the NY Plaza Hotel in 2009. The little store offers some beautiful fragrances. I have already reviewed Cosy Cedar; among my other favorites are Established Cognac and Lovely Patchouli, but my biggest surprise has been falling in love with Juicy Jasmine.

Krigler's Juicy Jasmine takes an interesting approach to this note. My relationship with jasmine can be quite complicated, especially when it takes a turn for the screechy or watery-green. But Krigler took the best part of the jasmine, the heady blooms, and wrapped them around a center of creamy and juicy notes.  Juicy Jasmine has an almost gourmand fullness, while it's still distinctly a beautiful floral.

The creamy ylang-ylang creates a peachy phantom note. It makes me think of a tea blend: green jasmine and sweet peach tea; but there's also sparkle and zest, so maybe a Bellini. Juicy Jasmine blooms beautifully in the heat of summer and lasts for the entire day. It's a fun fragrance,  fruity and floral in the best possible way, and well-balanced. This Krigler perfume is obviously meant for the ladies. Men who enjoy jasmine should at least give it a good sniff, but it's probably a tough sell for guys. It's not really me, either, but I still enjoy and appreciate Juicy Jasmine for what it is.

Notes: jasmine, orange blossom,  hyacinth, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, and gaiac wood.

Krigler- Juicy Jasmine ($175, 1.7oz) is available from where you can also order samples, as well as the small boutique in the Plaza. The sample for this review was sent by PR.

Art: Tomás Hiepes, Still-Life with Fruit and Flowers, 1642.

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  1. I love going to Krigler. Ben Krigler, Naoko and Haruna are the kindest, sweetest people and they make the process fun. They actually get as excited as I do when something works on me! I own Lovely Patchouli #55 Night. I have also ordered samples from them.


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