Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Mountain Bluebird & Mysterious Tinamou Eye Shadows

Because one can never have too many blue eye shadows.

Mountain Bluebird and Mysterious Tinamou are exclusive to the Rouge Bunny Rouge website. They ship worldwide, which is nice, but this limited availability is kind of annoying. That's why I didn't get these glorious colors until they were on sale early this summer (sadly, they're now back to full retail price). 

Mountain Bluebird and Mysterious Tinamou are of the light iridescence finish. The texture of Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows, both matte and shimmer, is legendary. They're silky and feel almost creamy to the touch, sit beautifully on skin, and last the entire day (over a primer) while maintaining their vibrancy. The pigments are quite unique, and even the brighter colors are wearable and flattering (see Periwinkle Cardinal, another exclusive color).

Mountain Bluebird is tinged with green, almost aqua-like, while Mysterious Tinamou is darker and much more blue . I'm sure the most adventurous among us can wear them together (I did layer them at least once), but for me they're mostly accent colors that look wonderfully flattering against brown eyes and olive skin. Both shadows come in the full size rouge Bunny Rouge packaging with the mirror. There's no refill version, which is too bad. I'd love to have the option to put them in the RBR duo keeper.

Bottom Line: gorgeous.

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Mountain Bluebird & Mysterious Tinamou Eye Shadows (about $26.90 each at the current exchange rate) are available from

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  1. I'd love to see an eyemakeup look using these shadows - they look amazing in the swatches, but I'm horrible at coming up with ways to wear colours like these.



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