Thursday, August 01, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013: Cashmeres

Zoya has completely won me over with Cashmeres for Fall 2013. It looks like such a simple concept: creme finish, classic (almost basic) colors. But there's something about this particular collection that just works. The saturation and opacity of the colors are exactly what I always hope to see, and the brilliant Zoya formula makes for the easiest and best application and wear. Consider also that I can get away with only one coat of color and you get my eternal love.

Zoya Cashmeres include:
Livingston- a classic and eternal red. Everyone need one.
Sailor- a classic navy that doesn't lean black or purple. What you see is what you get.
Hunter- a cool dark green. Like a pine tree in the afternoon. I like it more than I though I will.
Louise- hot cocoa. Surprisingly elegant.
Flynn- a nude camel, the one i'm going to wear the most.
Pepper- The color of a dark hot sauce. A little vampy and looks like a million dollars.

Zoya Fall 2013: Cashmeres ($8 each) is available from The products for this review were sent for my consideration by the company.

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