Thursday, August 22, 2013

Heidi Klum Raided Taylor Swift's Closet

Dear Tim Gunn,
Would you mind having a talk with Heidi Klum regarding her taste problem? Please remind her that she's Heidi Klum. For the love of puppies, she doesn't need to try so hard. Please get Zac and Nina to join the intervention.

A Devoted Fan

I'd say that a rule of thumb is that if you're over 40 it's probably not a good idea to borrow your clothes from Taylor Swift:

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Manhattan, Tina Fey (who's older than Heidi, for those who care) looked beautiful and beyond sexy for her appearance on Letterman. She chose a Reed Krakoff dress which I'm now coveting with all my heart:

All photos via Zimbio.


  1. That neckline on Ms. Klum is beyond atrocious!

    Lawrence in Ohio

  2. She definitely could have found another dress, I do not think it looks too awful on her but still that is not the only dress in the world.

  3. Heidi always seems to look like a college party girl who didn't get the memo that the party is over... I find it laughable when she critiques the designers on Project Runway when I know what her own personal taste is, it needs work. She is a beautiful woman, she doesn't need all this skin showing and something more tasteful would be a welcomed change... Tina Fey always manages to look so polished and beautiful, she can do no wrong for me!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of the dress in general, but of the two ladies wearing it, I definitely think it looks much better on Heidi. A neckline like that was meant to showcase a woman's breasts, and let's be honest, Taylor isn't particularly well endowed. She's a lovely woman, but she has a fairly straight shape. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that this particular dress doesn't flatter her body type.

    1. I fully agree with Eileen : I like the dress much better on Heidi than on T.S. !

    2. It's interesting because the dress looks completely different on Heidi compared to Taylor..... they each really made it their own. I actually like the dress on both!

      Heidi's doing kind of a trashy '60s look with the hair and makeup - I think it works, except she probably could have gone up a size with the dress.

  5. I don't care for the dress on either Heidi or Taylor Swift, but Heidi is undeniably gorgeous no matter what she wears, unlike Taylor Swift.

    I love Tina Fey but think that dress is terribly unflattering on her. The pulling across her tummy looks awful, and that tightness makes her thighs look huge. Sleeves or shoulders would balance that easily. And the arm holes are cut in so far that they're very unflattering too. I think it would look great one size larger.

    Designers need to stop making everything sleeveless. It's just not flattering. I'm of average weight, work out regularly, and have hard muscles in my upper arms, but the flabbiness there is inherited and is not going anywhere. I never, ever wear anything sleeveless. Stop the insanity!

  6. Normally I think Heidi tends to wear some weird stuff but actually in this instance I think she's wearing it better than Swift. She really fills out the dress in a womanly way, Swift looks a bit like a little girl in her mom's fancy dress. For both, I think there could be a better neckline. :) Now I'm not really a fan of the bodice of Tina's dress but she looks great, such a far cry from SNL days. She's kind of that regular person who cleaned up and looks great and proves that we, non-Hollywood folk can do it too (in an appropriate budget of course).

  7. um, i think heidi actually looks better in that dress than taylor. she looks hot, not hard, to my eyes. and she looks better in this than she has in many other things she's worn. tina is always cute, but that dress does her hips zero favors.


  8. I'm from Germany. In Heidi's home country most of the people are a bit annoyed of Heidi and her character in the media. Your comments on her always put a big smile on my face. LOVE THEM! And I agree, the neckline is ridiculous.

  9. I prefer Taylor in this dress, you get a tasteful peekaboo effect and a looser fit, sexy without trying too hard.
    And Tinay Fey looks lovely and sexy in that dress, I don't think her thighs look huge in it, if anything her waist looks super tiny. Hips and thighs are not a curse word for every woman.

    1. I'm not getting on Tina Fey; I'm saying the dress is unflattering, mostly because it fits poorly. She has a really good figure, but the dress doesn't show it. It creases above her waist (not a good way to accentuate it) and below it. The tight skirt emphasizes her tummy and thighs. And she's standing with one foot forward--the effect is probably worse when she's standing. She doesn't even look comfortable in the thing.

      There's nothing wrong with having a woman's body, but dressing to flatter should always be a priority, especially as you age, and particularly if you're in the public eye. (I'm 54, BTW, and that's my biggest consideration when buying clothes. And my figure is not unlike Tina's, but she has much better arms.)


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