Thursday, August 08, 2013

Guerlain Madame Flirte Rouge G Lipstick Fall 2013

My lipstick pick from Guerlain Voilette de Madame collection for Fall 2013 was Rouge G in Madame Flirte (861). There are two other Rouge G colors for the season, Madame Rêve (862) which you can see on Best Things In Beauty, and Madame Batifole (860). The former is a light pink while the former is fuchsia; I went with the sheer medium red of Madame Flirte, which is incredibly wearable for my medium olive skin tone. And besides, I adore red.

The swatch shows two coats of the lipstick, which is how I wear it. Like all Rouge G lipsticks, it has an incredibly luxurious formula with the perfect amount of slip and shine. The people of Guerlain say they use ruby powder to get this fine shimmer. I say "whatever". It's pretty, and Rouge G lipsticks are among the very best one can find. Some people dislike the heavy packaging and I don't blame them. It really is quite hefty, but I happen to love it: the case is easy to grab, has an excellent mirror and it's beautiful, even without Guerlain's Voilette de Madame special tulle print on the case.

If you're already a Rouge G fan, Madame Flirte is worth at least a try and probably the space in your makeup bag. If you're new to Guerlain lipsticks, this limited edition in the special case is not a bad place to start. For me? It's love.

Guerlain Madame Flirte Rouge G for Lipstick Fall 2013 ($49.50) is already at Neiman Marcus, in store and online, and will be arriving at other counters within days or weeks (depending on location).


  1. I love red lipstick too, and Guerlain has always been my fav brand, though I must admit, the packaging is slowly and steadily getting on my nerves. I need to check these out, wonder if we have the same collection now in Europe? Worth checking! This is a gorgeous red lippie!

  2. Rouge G has long been my favorite lipstick formulation. It never leaves my sensitive lips dry or chapped. In fact, my lips usually feel better after a day or evening of wearing Rouge G. I do wish, though, that Guerlain would make a refill. I've tossed out so many cases over the years and every time that I do, I think to myself what a waste :-(

    The weight and size of the case aside, the more swatches I see on-line, the more determined I am to make Madame Flirte and Madame Rêve mine as soon as they arrive at the local counter. Madame Batifole is a stunning rich jewel, but perhaps a bit too intense for me. Perhaps for formal evening wear? We'll see.

  3. If I'm going to wear a Rouge G out I plan how to make my bag lighter. lol What can you do? These are such lovely lipsticks and I enjoy wearing them. I purchased Batifole but I think I'm going back for this one too.

  4. OMG!!! This lippie is so gorgeous! Love red lippies for they make me look sexy =) I also love the packaging.

  5. wow! the container is so cute


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