Monday, August 05, 2013

Daniel Sandler- Scandal At Midnight Eye Shadow Palette

One of the first things I saw when I woke up today was a book I bought in London years ago (a Jane Austen biography). It put me in one of my "I miss London" moods. The first time I visited London when I just turned 18 it was nothing short of eerie. It's hard to explain, but I felt the city. Everything was familiar, easy to navigate, and I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be (and really really really wanted to stay). It's been the same thing ever since. If I believed in past lives and such, I'd have no doubt that London used to be my home at some point in time.

Sigh. I do miss London.

Which is a good a reason as any to play with makeup from across the Pond. Like Daniel Sandler makeup. Many of us in the US heard of Daniel Sandler thanks to Lisa Eldridge who included his blending brush in her favorite brushes video (I do have this brush and it's a good one). But since the line isn't sold in stores here you have to order online(FeelUnique and ASOS stock some of the products, but the best place to find everything, including ideas and advice is directly from the company's website). A few months ago I was browsing for eye makeup when I saw this palette, Daniel Sandler's Scandal At Midnight eye shadow quad. Between the classic colors (colours?) and the name, I just had to have it.

The compact is nice and sturdy. It looks far more luxurious than the price tag suggests. There are no silly sponge applicators: Daniel Sandler is a makeup artist and expects his customer to use proper brushes.

Daniel Sandler Scandal At Midnight includes four colors: Wicked (matte black), Pure (shimmer stone white), Dream (silver glitter in a sheer base), and Desire (satiny taupe with purple leanings). Obviously, it's a basic smoky eye palette, but using a lighter hand and no glitter makes it just as good for everyday wear. The black is intense and perfect as an eyeliner, the white shimmer adds light to the lid and the taupe is just plain gorgeous. Glitter is glitter, and the texture here is pretty hard compared to the other three eye shadows in the quad. I've heard somewhere that it's better used with a damp brush, but I admit to barely using Dream other than to spice up my eyeliner. Any simple laydown brush will do for application (MAC 239 type), and blending is quick and easy. Use a primer underneath for best results and an all day longevity.

Bottom Line: as easy as a scone (with marmalade and clotted cream).

Daniel Sandler Scandal At Midnight Eye Shadow Quad (£28.00) is available from


  1. This looks lovely. I've been considering some items from Daniel Sandler for a while, but after getting burned by some Addiction pieces (perfectly serviceable, but hardly unique), I hesitate to buy something I can't test first.

  2. I think my favourite thing about this is that lack of silly sponges. I wish more companies would take this approach, as I just detest the wasted packaging space created by including tiny and nearly useless applicators. I'm also not usually a "city" type of gal, but I had a similar familiar feeling / where i belong type of reaction when I first set foot in London. I haven't had the opportunity to go back though. Hopefully I'll be able to revisit one day, and it will be interesting to see if I have that same feeling again.


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