Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dior Addict Lipstick- Transatlatique Cruise & Mayday

There's something about Dior in the summer. While you can't pay me enough to even consider a transatlantic (or any) cruise, the fantasy of wearing Dior on a sunny deck while sailing to a beautiful destination is quite magical. So is Dior Transatlantique Summer 2014 collection. Transatlantique includes a couple of shimmery face powders, two eye shadow quints (and for once I didn't choose the blue one), three nail polish colors, and assorted lipsticks and glosses. The ones you see here are the two limited edition Dior Addict lipsticks: Mayday (651) and Cruise (611).

While my fears of being lost at sea make me raise an eyebrow at naming a lipstick after the maritime distress signal, I can't deny that Mayday is a gorgeous red. When I wear it, the semi sheer formula makes my natural lip color pull it towards raspberry territory, which is easy and flattering for me. By contrast, Cruise is a sheer color that brightens the face and sings of endless summer days.

Fans of the Dior Addict formula don't need an introduction to this glossy yet pigmented gel-like lipstick, with its beautiful sheen, perfect amount of slip, and comfortable wear. It's not the most long-lasting lipstick, of course, but like most reds in this range, Mayday leaves a natural-looking stain.

Bottom Line: got lipstick, will travel.

Dior Addic Cruise & Mayday ($32 each) from the 2014 Transatlantique Collection are limited edition lipsticks. Available at the counters and from dior.com. Products in this review were press samples.


  1. The lipstick cases are gorgeous! I love the colour cruise as well, such a nice colour for summer!
    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. I had to laugh when I read this post...I'm flying to Paris tomorrow, and will be coming back on a transatlantic cruise beginning on May 9th! I assure you, I won't be lost at sea!

  3. How pretty! A question, though: do they have glitter in them? I was surprised that when I bought Rock'n'Roll Dior Addict lipstick earlier this year, it had glitter I'd not noticed in arm swatching with the in store product, and it felt kind of gritty on my lips.

    1. No glitter. I don't think any of the Dior Addict lipsticks I have has any particles.

  4. These both look gorgeous and the swatches look very convincing that they're both suit me, like you, so thank you!. Need to check them out!
    To Gwenlle, I recall a Beige (322? don't recall exactly) in the Addict having (gorgeous) shimmer, not glitter, but it went buttery on the lips; very lovely nude shade and texture. I think some in the range do have a shimmery texture, but I suppose it has to do with the specific shade and its depth/perspective aiding more than anything. They're not supposed to look frosty or such.

  5. Hello, first time commenting here, although I have been following for over a year.

    Thank you for this post. I actually bought the Mayday one prompted by this review and it is just what I needed - it's bright but sheer enough for me. It was quite pricey over here in Europe, 28 euro in the duty free. But I just love it!


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