Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Want: Missoni Crochet Dress

I'm obviously dreaming of lazy summer afternoons, a weekend getaway, and warmth in general (I told you we woke up to half an inch of snow on the ground. Thankfully it's mostly gone by now, though I'm not sure my daffodils will recover). This little Missoni dress is all that and then some. The crochet work is done with a metallic thread for some extra glamour, so I'd dress it down with a pair of flats for a relaxed summer look. The cuff pictured here, by the way, costs almost as much as the dress.

$1510 at net-a-porter.


  1. I really enjoyed the first post on this subject but this one truly resonated with me. I'm a late makeup bloomer at 33; I never wore much of it except on special occasions. Part of it was because I had no clue how to apply it but mostly it was because as a sometimes painfully socially awkward person, I feared people judging me negatively for wearing it. Somewhere along the line, I developed this idea that women who wore makeup were unintelligent, vapid bimbos and so the thought of anyone seeing me that way horrified me.

    It still does, to be honest, but now I realize how wrong I was in my thinking and am unwilling to let the fear of others' judgment stop me from embracing something that I enjoy and which makes me feel even more beautiful. I have spent far too much time letting those concerns force me into a mold I no longer care to inhabit. Thanks so much writing this! I've visited your blog only sporadically since I discovered it but I will be reading more regularly from now on. :-)

  2. This dress is actually knit, not crocheted. It seems that net-a-porter describes all of their knit or crocheted items as "crocheted-knit" rather than taking the time to differentiate between the two! lol


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