Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Surratt Large Compact

At some point last month I realized that if I were going to keep pursuing Surratt makeup, it's better to start placing the tiny flimsy pans in a palette. I could have tried to use magnetic stickers and a Z Palette, but decided to do things by the book and get the Surratt Large Compact where I could fit all the items I have right now: one blush and four eye shadows (it can hold other combinations, such as six single eye shadows, three blushes, or a mix).

It's a straightforward kind of Tetris. The pans fit inside the palette and you get rid of the individual covers. The compact is sturdy, holds a large mirror and comes with a suede-like pouch for protection. The problem is that Surratt doesn't use magnets or any other locking mechanism. The pans fit well but not tightly. While they can't shift around, if you tilt the compact even a little, the pans will pop out and drop on the floor. That's unacceptable to me. If you don't glue the pans into place you can't take the compact with you anywhere, and even using it only at home in one room can end up with breakage. I ended up gluing the pans, but that kills the whole refillable concept and annoys me greatly. Luxury makeup shouldn't come as a crafts project.

Surratt Large Compact ($22) is exclusive to Barneys. Makeup colors sold separately.


  1. I'm surprised that you had to glue in the pans. When I removed the pans from the original packaging, I just left the soft / gooey glue on the back, and used that to stick the pans in. That type of glue holds well enough, but it's also easy to rearrange or remove the pans. I'd give that a try if you end up with another compact!

  2. What a bummer that they don't stay in well! I wonder if a really thin layer of rubber cement would be enough to stick them in?

  3. I have read that Surratt sells double sided stickers for their palettes. hth.

  4. Hmm seems that the stickers should come included with the palette rather than making it an additional expense.

  5. Pity the palette's a dud, you've put together an absolutely perfect palette there. Could you list the colours in there pretty please?

  6. The sticker on the back of the eye shadows and blushes: you can peel the black part of the stickers and then stick in to the pan.


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