Monday, April 14, 2014

Perfumes I Wore On My Vacation

By the time you see this post I'll already be back home after almost two weeks away. I've shown you what I stuffed into my travel baggie (which included one perfume), but here's the pouch that I'm filling with perfume: travel sprays, decants and samples to suit every mood and occasion (and probably enough for seven people). I wish I could tell you there was a lot of deliberation and intention behind this selection, but I was too preoccupied to plan and decant a bunch of stuff . So instead I just grabbed several much-loved perfumes that I had in an appropriate size and called it a day, hoping I don't get a craving for Ferme tes Yeux along the way. This bag is obviously going in my checked luggage, carefully wrapped. Here's what I'm taking:

Frederic Malle- Musc Ravageur and Le Parfum de Therese. This is kind of a tradition, actually. I'm going to see my father while away and he likes smelling Musc Ravageur. And Therese has already seen the world with me, so she needs to go to Italy.
La Via Del Profumu- Tawaf. I will be jasmined.
Ormonde Jayne- Tolu. Just because.
A small case of Tauer samples.
Sage Machado Onyx and Sage.
Aroma M Geisha Noir (saved me from decanting Shalimar. It hits a similar spot).
A bunch of Histoires de Parfums minis.
Neela Vermeire- Trayee and Bombay Bling. I could have also added Mohur, but decided to stop there and then.

What perfumes did you pack for your last vacation? Did you go overboard?


  1. When I go on holiday I usually take the whole friggin' bottle, and since I'm flying, I only take one. I also like associating each trip with one fragrance. When I sniff it later, I go back. Earmarked for my trip in a week's time in Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid. Finally, a TF perfume that doesn't stink. I know, I'm not a perfumista ;).

  2. I always pack just one scent with me (in some cases in different strengths, for example Mûre et Musc Trio which has EdT, EdP and EdC in handy 15ml bottles) last time it was Etro Messe de Minuit. If I'm staying away longer than one week, I might take more.

  3. I'm glad to know that someone else likes Tolu. To me it is one of the most beautiful fragrances ever.
    Like you, I pack a bunch of samples or decants.

  4. Wonderful choices, carefully planned or not. I actually almost always count on serendipity when it comes to choosing perfumes for a vacation and simply go quickly pick out about 2 or 3 dozen samples (not large ones) with very little conscious thought (never allow myself more than three minutes at the absolute most), but I do make sure to include a few well loved vintage scents and at least two brand new scents so that I can have them associated with good memories from that time. I don't necessarily go through all those scents, but I know that with that many on hand, they should cover most of my whims, moods on the trip. For trips that are only a few days or less I still grab at least a dozen scents. Yes, I like variety. :-)
    Hope you had a lovely time!

  5. Totally varies, tho I like a mix of destination- or weather-appropriate fragrances plus standbys that I know will make me happy--or feel appropriate--anywhere/any time. PdT and Musc Ravageur often come with me because they fall into the latter category, tho for different reasons. Same with Eau d'Hadrien, Dries van Noten, and Iris Poudree. I've never brought Tawaf or Tolu on a trip, tho I love both. (Like bevfred, I'm happy to see Tolu mentioned on your list!)

  6. such a lovely fragrance wardrobe for travel. when I travel I take a big bottle of whatever, pack it in my suitcase cushioned by clothing--I use it as air freshener in stale hotel rooms if need be...I used a whole bottle of L'Artisan "Chasse aux Papillions" last year in southern Spain LOL

    where did you go? share with us!!!

  7. I love your little perfume pouch! I travel all the time and have had good luck with nothing being taken. I do think about where I'm going and what to take for the place. Andy Tauer's L'Air Du Desert Marocain will forever remind me of my week cruise down the Nile (it is what I mistakenly thought Egypt would smell like, but no matter), so I love to imprint places with scent memories. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn't. But my perfume wardrobe is certainly as considered as my clothing wardrobe!

  8. Ha! I am so glad to find that someone else travels with A LOT of perfume. I restrict myself to 9ml oil roll-ons and smaller sample sizes, as you can fit a ton into a carry-on baggie. The last time I went by plane I had probably 1/4 of the Olympic Orchids catalog with me, as well as a few others... I ended up mostly using Olympic Rainforest though. It smelled delicious in my hair, in the New Hampshire heat and humidity, it was a breath of home.

    However, if I am traveling by car and really need to, I might pack a full size bottle... my latest indulgence on that score was Salome. Worth every bit of space.


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