Thursday, April 10, 2014

Surratt Artistique Eye Shadows: Chamois, Doré, Griége

Here are the three additional Surratt eye shadows I got at the encouragement of several readers and fellow bloggers: Chamois, Doré, and Griége. As you can see, I chose classic neutrals for my first Surratt palette, but I think that the next one will be more adventurous. I think Surratt has an interesting looking green and blue shadows.

Chamois is a matte buttercream, with a dreamy creamy texture. It's a perfect base color that evens the lids and works with just about any darker shade you throw at it.
Doré is a dirty shimmery gold that pulls a bit khaki. It has far less visible particles than Patine, and I think it's also easier to blend.
Griége is another creamy matte. Surratt (or at least Barneys) describes it as a "grey taupe", but it's not. This is a warm medium brown, very smooth. It'll probably look better contrasted with blue eyes than against my dark brown ones, but it is a good basic color.

The texture of all three eye shadows is quite lovely and in line with many Japanese-made products I've tried. As you can see, the pigment level is average, so the colors meld with the skin and don't compete with it. Yet they're not sheer-- use over a primer and you can build the intensity quite a bit.

Bottom Line: Surratt has the potential to become cult favorite.

Surratt Artistique Eye Shadows ($20 each) are exclusive to Barneys.


  1. I wish I could access this brand, and I wish you would do a look featuring these.

  2. Thanks for clarification on Greige, it is so far from grey or taupe. Looking forward to more Surratt blog posts!

  3. After lusting after this brand since October, I finally went to Barneys and had my face done this Sunday. I may or may not have dropped a fearsome amount of money! He did a neutral smokey eye, and despite already buying all 4 of those colors, I wound up throwing in Doré and one of the purples, as well. I thought they would look gorgeous together—that's one way to de-"neutral"ize the Doré. But I'm pretty sure that, like you, I will soon be owning more of this brand!!

    Shani x

  4. I am completely gaga for this line! I visited Barney's while in Scottsdale last month and picked up two blushes in Guimauve and Duchess, a lipslique in Pom Pon and a smoky eye baton in Vapeur Mauve (he spells smoky correctly!). I adore everything and ordered even more the other day. Thanks to you and the Beauty Professor for doing such terrific reviews!

    So far, the packaging hasn't been an issue for me. I like the blushes' sliding cases, but am a little concerned about how they will travel. They might need to go in their own little bag within a bag?


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