Monday, April 28, 2014

Masque Milano- Tango

Tango by Masque Milano is beautiful and sensual to distraction. And I mean it literally. It's hard to concentrate on much when wearing this spicy jasmine, as it lures you in, seducing you to step inside the dimly lit crowded room where the air is dense with heat of slightly too many bodies on a summer night, but the windows are open towards the inner courtyard where jasmine is in its full intoxicating bloom.

The subtle temptation begins as Tango appears soft and ambery, almost edible with a lovely cardamom note. But behind it lurks cumin (not enough to make the husband complain, but still), and as the door of the room closes behind you, you can smell the sweat and booze that have taken over the dimly-lit room. The dancers are completely wrapped in each other, the women showing quite a bit of skin, and as you're taken by the music and the rhythm, the sweetness engulfs you. The tonka bean on my skin gets a vintage quality, like some classic perfumes dripping with coumarin. This is amplified by the ripe and indolic jasmine and more than a hint of good old animalic notes.

Perfumer Cécile Zarokian (Amouage Epic Woman, Parfums MDCI Nuit Andalouse) composed Tango for Masque Milano, the first new release since the brand's meteoric launch last year (Montecristo, Luci Ed Ombre, Terralba). Ms. Zaokian's work balances the popular modern fondness of the yummy/almost edible notes with classic robust perfumes with a not-so-fresh sensuality. Tango is incredibly sexy, as you would expect from a fragrance meant to evoke a sultry dance. It's also a smart perfume that doesn't hit you on the head all at once with all its tricks and movements; instead, Tango unfolds and exposes itself little by little until you're ensnared by its charm and can see or smell nothing else.

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Notes: Amber, Jasmine Sambac, Turkish Rose, Cumin, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Guaiacwood, Cedarwood, Melilotus (sweet clover)

Masque Milano- Tango ($240, 100ml EDP) is available at Twisted Lily.

Art by Fabian Perez.

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  1. Great thing to read about this in the morning - has to be a good omen of sorts for the rest of the day to find out about something this perfect sounding. Am guessing in advance that I'm now going to have two all time top favorite scents named Tango (Mandy's being the other one).


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