Monday, April 28, 2014

Make Molten Shadow Pewter

I don't know why Make only offers the Molten Eye Shadow in two colors: Pewter (above) and Mud ( a metallic moss green). The beautiful finish and whipped texture have the potential to make the Molten Shadow a cult favorite despite the limited longevity. They just need to come in a few more colors. How about taupe, navy, teal, bronze, and emerald? But let's look at what we already have: Molten Shadow in Pewter.

The cream/gel formula is wonderful to touch and work with. I feel like my 20-month old nephew when presented with fingerpaints-- pure unadulterated glee.  I've played with brushes and fingers, did a light wash, several thin layers, a heavier coat of paint: it all works. The metallic finish is very smooth and quite dramatic. For me, the Molten Shadow is better for an evening look. It really puts the smoke in a smoky eye, and the only additional products you need for it are a standard black eyeliner and mascara. Everything else can be done with this Make eye shadow.

I've tried using Pewter over a bare lid as well as with a few eye primers (NARS, Laura Mercier, and Make's own excellent Transforming Eye Primer), and my conclusion is that a primer is defintely a good idea here, but it does not extend the skin life of the eye shadow beyond six hours. The molten here is true to its name-- this is a very soft eye shadow that doesn't hold onto the lids for more than that. On the up side, the finish doesn't change one bit and remains pretty, even as the eye shadow becomes more sheer and the pigment fades. That's another reason to declare the Molten Shadow as evening product and not something I'd wear for a long day out and about.

Bottom Line: beautiful, just remember to be back by midnight.

Make Molten Shadow ($26) is available at select Barneys locations,, and directly from the company's website,, where 33.3% of each purchase will directly benefit the WE SEE BEAUTY Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds women-led co-ops in the US.
 The Product for this review was a press sample.

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  1. Actually, I saw earlier that Birchbox is carrying this in a bronze...unless they are mistaken. I was thinking of buying it but I tend to need my shadows to last longer than 6 hours.


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