Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A Quick Home Pedicure Tip

This is more than a little bit silly, but after a long conversation about feet with a friend (we're deep thinkers) I figured this is worth mentioning. In my tips for a home pedicure post I mentioned that the best regular maintenance is using a foot file (my favorite for the last 15 years has been Diamancel #11. $49 at Sephora and you'll never use another) in the shower- 15 seconds for each foot daily is all it takes to keep in top shape. Here's something to make it even more efficient: use a bath oil on your feet when you work on them. It's like a shortcut for soaking, softens the rough skin, and helps the foot file perform better. any bath/shower oil will do, as long as it's easy to rinse off. I admit to using my Jo Malone for the task, but any drugstore oil (that you're not allergic to ) will do wonders.

Photo by Norman Parkinson, 1952.


  1. Yes, just make sure to use adhesive ducks! I have a slippery shower.

  2. Those Diamancel files are fabulous. Gaia is absolutely right about never using or needing another (they last forever). Real diamond chips!!! Get one.


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