Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour- Pink Glow

When Laura Mercier launched the Bonne Mine Face Palette back in 2010 (it used to be a sephora exclusive and later re-released as part of various charity/health awareness campaigns) I fell for it immediately and used the two cream blushes to the last bit. Four years later Laura Mercier expands the Bonne Mine concept to four stick blushes that are semi-sheer with a natural skin-like finish, a very light texture and no shimmer.

I chose the Bonne Mine stick in Pink Glow (there are also Bronze Glow, Coral Glow, and Peach Glow), mostly because pink is under-represented in my makeup collection. I could have easily gone with the coral, but sometimes it's fun to branch out. Pink Glow is more of a watermelony shade, a red-based pink that's easier to wear (for me) than I expected. You only need the tiniest amount of product-- the swipe you above is only to show you the depth of the color. It's enough product for three or four faces, because as you can see, even the lightest dabbing can give a natural-looking flush. In reality I'd use a little bit more than in the "dabbed" swatch and then blend it.

Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour gives a healthy and natural finish that would absolutely work for a "no makeup" look, but the more product you use the more glowy it appears. It dries on the spot and stays on nicely as long as you use a good base. There is some fading as the hours go by, but the color doesn't budge or migrate.

Bottom Line: I'm still considering a second.

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour ($32) is available at the counters and from


  1. I also bought the Pink Glow illuminating stick and have really enjoyed it for those times when I want a delicate, transparent flush. The way it blends over my foundation is like working with watercolor :-) It's very pretty.

  2. I love the Bonne Mine face palette two (I bought a back up!) so I was really pleased to see LM was launching these. Can't wait to get my hands on the Coral and Peach!


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