Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear You

Dear You,

Dear Lady Gaga, what in the world?

Dear JLo, Beyonce, and other celebrities, posting your overprocessed "no makeup" photos on Instagram doesn't make you look natural and down-to-earth. It makes you appear even more narcissistic than ever.

Dear NARS, you're stepping up your game more than ever. I'm impressed.

Dear Chanel, I don't remember the last time I was truly excited about anything from you, beauty, fragrance, or fashion-wise. And having music auto-playing on your homepage? So 1999.

Dear Barneys flagship store, a refined luxurious atmosphere is more than a store redesign. Keep harassing me in store and I'll continue online shopping. From Bergdorf.

Dear face, developing all these sensitivities and allergies in my fifth decade is not cool. Enough already.

Dear me, FIFTH decade?

Dear freaked out me, it's better than the alternative.

Photo credit: Beyonce.


  1. :). I understand the fifth decade brigade. And all the rest, except I don't like to give Lady Gaga the time of day.

  2. Oh, Gaia! I got such a laugh over your reaction to your fifth decade. I'll be entering my seventh in just a couple of weeks. I like to think of myself as a sexy septuagenerian! LOL

    And, I couldn't agree with you more about those celebrity pictures that are supposedly makeup free. Photoshopping aside, any trained eye can see the makeup. I think dishonest pictures do more to promote low self-esteem in young impressionable girls than do pictures of starts fully made up.

  3. Congratulations on your 5th decade!

    My only real issue with the Gaga pic (one petty, one serious):
    1. I wish her bra was better. That looks like the one I wear on laundry day.
    2. Pets are not fashion accessories. Anyone, feel free to correct my if I'm mistaken and this dog is her dear longtime pet companion, I'm too lazy to google this one, but if she's just toting it around the same way she's carrying the latest "it bag," then ugh.

  4. is gaga trying to channel frida kahlo? that's all i could think with those brows and the dark hair. the necklace is pretty, but the rest of it is a hot mess. and who needs to see your boobs, lady g? no one. they're not that interesting. seriously. i hope the dog is well-loved, because all dogs(all pets) should be well-loved and not just carried around like a matching accessory.


  5. The French Bulldog (or is it a Boston Terrier, I get them confused) is the best thing about that photo. If I were going to show my body parts I'd like them in fancy balconette bra, not au naturel. lol I'm not trying to think about the Fifth Decade, I just want to make the Fourth the decade that things go really well for a change. Is that a lot to ask?

  6. I feel bad for Gaga. RiRi nixes the linings and walks away with a Vogue fashion award. Gaga goes see-thru and gets... ignored? Tee hee

  7. The Lady Gaga photo is... just... I frankly don't know what to say.

    And "consider the alternative" is my mantra as I approach my sixth decade. (Don't forget Gaia, 50 is the new 30, so have fun!)

  8. NARS > Chanel any day. NARS have far better shades and pigmentation.

  9. Have you seen the Fall Chanel beauty collection? If you like the bruised eye vamp look, you'll be happy. I'm not buying anything from the collection. Sad. I don't like Nars, but I'm looking forward to seeing the Dior and YSL Fall collections. Congrats on joining all the gorgeous women in their 50's (in which I include myself....hee!). I've never looked and felt better. But most importantly, I've never been so happy about myself and my life.

  10. Pink ProvocateurJune 17, 2014 3:52 PM

    I feel the same about Chanel. It makes me sad, because I've been a loyal Chanel girl for more than thirty years. I must say, though, that I am very entertained by the Autumn collection. I bought four of the eye shadows and the RCS in Viva. So far, I'm happy with everything -- pink looks beautiful on my eyes, that gold is superb, and Viva is the first RCS that I've liked because it has some colour.

    Regarding the shenanigans of celebrities: I think it's unfortunate that we give them so much attention, when they prove time and again that they are not worthy of it. I have no respect for the great majority of them, so I'm not surprised or bothered about what they do

  11. I am with Anon about hoping that the French Bulldog is much loved ...... sadly they are a bit of a "in" dog at the moment and if you want to have one ...... make sure you can afford it . The price is steep for a puppy and they do have a lot of health issues - Vet's are expensive !!!!

    As for what GaGa looks like .... I thought she looked very old and matronly !

  12. Funny how everyone thinks you're turning 50, Gaia! Dear everyone, your first decade is the one at the end of which you turn 10 years old; so Gaia is in her 40s right now.

  13. Frink wants to know if we can adopt this French bulldog and give her a good home...

    NARS is my favorite right now. It's beating all the other department store stuff right now.

    And yes, the alternative is much, much worse ;)


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