Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Midsummer Perfume Dream- Ten Perfume Picks For Her & For Him

Summertime. And even if the livin' isn't easy I promised myself that this year I'm not complaining. After a winter of so much discontent that everyone I know had elaborate fantasies about immigrating, relocating, or hibernating, summer is welcome. Humidity? haze? a stretch of 90 degree days? I'm in. Summer is beautiful. Summer is fragrant. White floral notes radiate like at no other time. The various nuances of taste, texture, and scents in fruit are incredibly sensual, and the colors are bright and lively like never before. In the spirit of embracing summer, here are five little summer daydreams and the perfumes I picked for each: one for her and one for him.

An afternoon nap in the garden
In my summer fantasy there are no insects, no car sounds from the road, and no lawnmowers to disturb the peaceful  bliss. All we can hear as both of us drift off is the light breeze in the grass, the leaves rustling in the trees, and the birds. The roses are in full bloom as is the rest of the garden.
She's wearing Secret Garden (Aftelier)
He's Wearing Cologne du Maghreb (Tauer)

A Southern belle and her beau
Sort of. Maybe not in a Gone With Wind way, but a lovely girl in a wide-brimmed hat sitting on the beautiful porch with a young man, drinking sweet iced tea, flirting and laughing. There are horses in the meadow behind, red geranium in hanging pots all around said porch, and the air is alight with anticipation.
She's wearing Wisteria Hysteria (Comme des Garcons x Stephen Jones)
He's Wearing Derby (Guerlain)

Under the boardwalk
Back on the Jersey shore. Everything is just a bit classier than the real thing. The lights blinking in the arcade game parlors, the ocean is clean and so wide, the vendor sell saltwater taffy and kettle corn, and the couple is walking hand-in-hand, feeling invincible and free as though this vacation will never end.
She's Wearing Love (By Kilian)
He's Wearing Aventus (Creed)

Tropical resort
Turquoise water, golden sand, pink drinks with little umbrellas, tan cabana boys, sultry nights dancing  until the wee hours. All my clothes are crisp, white, and nary a wrinkle in sight. Magically the sand doesn't get in my shoes or bikini, and my sarong is Hermes.
She's wearing Terracotta Le Parfum 2014 (Guerlain)
He's wearing The Afternoon Of A Faun (Etat Libre d'Orange)

On the Riviera with George Clooney
Amal who? Wearing a vintage Emilio Pucci halter-top, pristine white shorts, and huge sunglasses, George (not in a halter-top) and I are sitting at a corner table overlooking the Mediterranean, sipping champagne. Brad and Angie will join us soon, thankfully without the brats.
She's wearing Diamond Water (JAR)
George is wearing Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo - Ginepro di Sardegna

Please visit my friends at Bois de Jasmin, Grain de Musc, Now Smell This, and Perfume Posse for more perfume picks for summer.

For a dose of summer reality it's always fun to revisit my 2009 post I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Art: Charles Louis Hinton- A Summer Shower, 1898


  1. I'm more of a Gossling Girl but the choices are perfect. Howling with laughter at Aventus on the Jersey Shore.Sounds like a date with The Situation. ---Aimee

    1. Yes, it was kind of a fragonerd's inside joke. Glad you liked it, Aimee.

  2. Great ideas Gaia! I especially like Secret Garden and Cologne du Maghreb from your list :)

    Happy Summer

  3. This is brilliant! Octavian did a post on 1000 Fragances, now sadly lost, about the effect of pairing two or three classical masculine and feminine perfumes (such as some of the older Guerlains and Chanels, I think). You've drawn from a much more diverse palette to create an immediate sense of place and mood. What a wonderful way to celebrate summer! nozknoz


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