Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lancôme Jason Wu L’Absolu Rouge in Hibiscus Pink

Lancôme has a long tradition of collaborating with fashion designers on limited edition exclusive items (remember the legendary Behnaz lipstick*?). This season Lancome has collaborated with Jason Wu to bring us a full collection that includes eye, lip, cheek, and nail colors, beautifully packaged with a pre-fall vibe. Yes, I know it's mid-summer, but whatever. Pretty colors are pretty colors. I selected several items from the Jason Wu collection, so here's the first one: L’Absolu Rouge in Hibiscus Pink.

 L’Absolu Rouge is my favorite Lancome lipstick formula of all times. It's not just light and comfortable (the lipstick is enriched with vitamin E among other things), but it also glides and applies beautifully, has a perfect satiny finish, never dries my lips, and it's nearly transfer free, especially if you blot it (very) lightly-- no lipstick residue on my tea cup! Hibiscus Pink is a berry color, a red-based dark pink, the kind I consider almost part of my uniform. It's not necessarily the most original color ever, but it's a great lipstick in a beautiful color, so why not? I wish the tube itself had the Jason Wu pattern, but the box is so pretty I'm not complaining.

Bottom Line: Perfect for fall, pre-fall, and always.

Lancôme Jason Wu L’Absolu Rouge in Hibiscus Pink ($30) is available at the counters and from

*Yes, there were also the atrocious Proenza Pink and the lackluster Alber Elbaz collection, but I'm an optimist. Sometimes.

**The background of the first photo is a Jason WU summer dress from the Bergdorf Goodman catalog.


  1. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't like this color but darn it, there's your swatch! lol Jason Wu for Lancome definitely has my attention.

    1. It's one of the best collection they've released in a quite a while.

  2. That is a stunning colour on my monitor. I will have to see it in person.

    1. By all means. There's a slight difference between the way it looks on my laptop and on my iPad.

  3. the color is amazing........ just got my tube, and will buy several more before they DC it.....


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