Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Muse & Panoramic Lip Liner Raven

Here's another post that writes itself. I've been a fan of Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks since they were released a couple of years ago. Being on a coral kick lately it's no surprise that I enjoy this full-coverage high intensity liquid lipstick in Muse. Looking at Hourglass website I see that there's actually a matching Panoramic Lip Liner in Muse, but the one I was sent is in Raven, which is more of a tomato red yet goes well with Muse.

To recap: Hourglass Opaque Rouge liquid lipsticks are exactly what they say: densely pigmented, extremely long lasting, and have a beautiful velvet matte finish. They require healthy and smooth lips and can give a slightly dry feel (not all of them, from what I've experienced) until they're fully set on the lips and become rather weightless. They leave a stain behind even after a meal. Using an Opaque Rouge lipstick over a liner as terrific as their Panoramic range makes the color nearly indestructible.

Hourglass Panoramic Lip Liner is an excellent color base for lipsticks and glosses. They have a lip brush built-in which I dearly appreciate. I use Raven with a wide range of lipsticks and glosses, add a touch of it when I need to punch up a color (last weekend I used it to warm up a lipstick that was at first too pink against the dress I was wearing). The promise of longevity is true, which is another reason to love this pencil (and Hourglass in general). All in all-- this is another winner.

Bottom Line: who could ask for anything more?

Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Muse ($28) and Panoramic Lip Liner in Raven ($28) are available at Select department stores, Sephora, and hourglasscosmetics.com. The press samples for this review were sent by the company.

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