Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pixi Bronze Beam Endless Silky Eye Pen

Bronze Beam (or BronzeBeam?) is the newest color from Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen range. If you're not familiar with this excellent waterproof eyeliner pencils (no, they're not actually pens) have a look at my swatches and check out the specific reviews linked from there.

Obviously, we needed to compare Bronze Beam to Cafe Gold and Copper Glow, Pixi's other medium brown colors. As you can see, Copper Glow is deeper and has the expected (though very minimal) red tinge, Cafe Gold is visibly paler and warmer. However, on my lid some of the distinction between Copper Glow and Bronze Beam disappear (my lids are darker than the rest of my face). My guess is that on the palest cool toned among you the differences would stand out a lot more.

As always, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens do not budge. It takes quite a bit of dual-phase eye makeup remover to get it off. One nore about sharpening: Pixi have their own sharpener which I don't think I own. I've been using the Urban Decay one, but recently realized that it's really not a good match (lots of product waste and the shape is a bit off). I tried a Laura Mercier sharpener and heard the angels sing. Just an FYI.

Pixi Bronze Beam Endless Silky Eye Pen ($12) is available from as well as (in theory) at Target, though good luck finding an unopened unsullied box there (not to mention a non-broken or stolen tester).


  1. I love these eyeliner pencils! They're great :)

  2. I would love to find Pixi at my local Targets, unfortunately it's not to be. I might as well order directly from them online, by the way all of these colors look beautiful! I want them all!!
    Good to know about the UD sharpener, I thought the shape issue was just me but apparently not.

  3. You got me hooked on these with your post about the Cafe Gold color. I have been through several of them now and find the quality to be just as you stated. Now I need to find the Bronze Beam shade, so I guess I will be stalking my local Target. Thank you once again for an excellent recommendation.

  4. I think I got lucky today! I had to help my DH pick up the car from the shop today. On the way back home there was a Target, so I popped in to look for these after reading this review at breakfast. They must have just restocked the shelves. While the testers were rather a mess and a few were missing, the stock was full and the boxes were neat and tidy. I picked up Bronze Beam and two others. If I had more cash with me, I might have gotten more. Next time.

  5. I love these pencils. I have Emerald Gold and Black Blue, both of which I got at Target. I love the Emerald Gold pencil and use it often. I use a sharpener I got a Sephora, which might not be ideal but seems to work ok. I'd love to have a brighter blue and purple. The website still shows the teal shade that I thought was discontinued, so I'll be on the lookout for it.


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