Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vintage Perfume Ads (Part 3)

Here's another batch of vintage perfume advertisements (see also Part 1 and Part 2). Some are more famous than others, several are rather obscure like the one above. I never heard about Mavis by Vivaudou, but a few clicks reveal a wealth of gorgeous Art Nouveau ads from the late 1910s (and these posts from the Vintage Perfume Vault). As usual, now I'm on a mission.

A classic:
Pierre Balmain
 Here's another forgotten one: Bright Secret, a 1956 ad:

I think this is one of the less-known Guerlain images. As far as I know this Chamade ad dates from 1970:

And look at this original Chanel Beige. I never saw a round Chanel bottle:

More Chanel: No.19 (1973)

Fabulous by Charbert (1946):

A Christmas ad for Corday Parfums:

And Christmas, Coty-style (1956):

 No vintage collection is complete without  Jacques Fath (1957):

I think it was the only ad I ever saw for Floris Perfumes (1966):

This Guerlain ad tell you everything you need to know about Mahora. I love it anyway.

Jean Patou, Normandie:

La Perla. The perfume itself is classier than any of its ads:

Two from Lancome: 1948 and 1973:

Dark Brilliance by Lentheric (1948). Is anyone familiar with this perfume?

Lucien Lelong. Incredibly artistic:

Another must-have: Rochas (1936):

I never heard about Mury or Narcisse Bleu (1946), but now I'm curious.

Nothing says 70s like a Pierre Cardin ad:

Bandit ads are always the best:

Tabu ad from 1953. There were endless variations on this theme.

Tiffany is still one of my favorite florientals. This ad is from 2002, which in today's world means kind of vintage. I'm not sure what it means to convey, but yes- I'll recognize this perfume anywhere, with my eyes closed.


  1. Marrakech by Lancôme??
    Never seen or heard anything about this one, interesting!

  2. Mury Narcisse Bleue is the beautiful bottle that later became Omre Rose Brosseau. I don't know what it smells like, but the bottle is gorgeous.
    And I had to go straight to the Bay, were I found the amazing Bandit ad for cheap. I love it.
    Thanks for the eye-candy :-)

  3. Seeing the Chamade bottle in the ad took me back. That was one of my go-to fragrances in the mid-70s along with Chloe and Grey Flannel.

  4. I think the Tiffany ad says you can recognize the perfume anywhere even without seeing the bottle or asking about the name because its so unique. The bottle has been presented as a camera. You smell it, close your eyes, and just have images in your mind, kind of how a camera captures images.


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