Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Edward Bess Night Romance Ultra Sleek Lipstick

As promised, here are the photos and comparisons of Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Night Romance. This is the more pink twin of Forever Yours, and I love its rosy beauty just as much. They are similar and some might find having both an overkill, but they're so pretty and wearable I find myself reaching for them very often, and I usually have one or the other in purse for touch ups.

Edward Bess Ultra Sleek Lipsticks ($32) are available from Bergdorf Goodman, select stores worldwide and edwardbess website.

All photos are mine.


  1. I have and love both. They wear quite differently on my lips I think or maybe that's just what I tell myself! ;)
    Jane x

  2. This is the first EB lipstick I've ever wanted. The others look too warm toned for me. But this one looks gorgeous.


  3. If only Edward Bess lip products weren't fragranced!! I love the eyeshadows I have from him but I can't go near these gorgeous lipsticks.

  4. How does Forever Yours compare to Tender Love? I have Pure Impulse, which is a true nude if there ever was one. I want a bit more color and thought Tender Love was the next step-- but looking at your pics, Forever Yours seems like it is.

    What is your experience?

  5. hi Gaia,
    Thanks for the lovely photos and swatches. I love edward bess lipsticks too!!. Can you tell me how the night romance lipstick compares to island rose compact rouge?. Are they very close in color?

  6. Hi Anon, I have both and thought that I had them swatched side by side. Annoyingly I don't but I have swatches of all of my Edward Bess collection in this guest post.

    Island Rose and Night Romance are similar toned but I would say that Island Rose is a brighter raspberry pink. They're definitely not dupes of one another. Also, it's worth noting that the lipsticks are a much more comfortable wear on the lips than the compact rouge.

    I hope that help!


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