Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick: 122 Liu 124 Samsara

My choice of the bright red Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipsticks was 122 Liu and 124 Samsara. You can read all about the formula and general fabulousness of the Rouge Automatique line in my previous review of Rose Bengale and Bal de Mai, so I won't repeat that. Instead, let's focus on these two shades.

Liu 122 is a pink-based red. It's bright and intense yet easy enough to wear, especially paired with an otherwise nude summer look. It's been one of my instant pick-me-up makeup items in the last couple of months. Samsara 124 is Liu's darker sister. It's not as pink and has a berry/red plum base that makes it beautiful for evening. It'll be just as fabulous in the fall. You can see the entire line swatched by Karla Sugar.

Bottom Line: now I really want Chamade and L'Heure Bleue.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick ($35) is available at the counters and Sephora. Not all shades are available in every point of sale.

*Just a reminder: Blogger messes up the quality of photos on the post, but if you click each picture you'll see it as intended.


  1. I have Chamade and Shalimar and love them both. I'm sure you'll adore Chamade :D

  2. I have 104 Jicky and really love it. I want more!

  3. They both look lovely, I haven't give the Rouge Automatiques a try yet but I'm very taken with Liu.

    As an aside, I'm sorry you're having a problem with Blogger/Picasa pictures. I had that problem and it made me so mad that I switched to flickr instead! Goodness knows getting good photos is hard work and it's such a shame that they get distorted when hosted through Picasa.

  4. Yes, do get Chamade. It's beautiful.

  5. Those are gorgeous. 124 really appeals to me. I wish Bal de Mai looked as good on me as it does on KS's arm. Charmade looks gorgeous, too.

  6. I got L'Henre Bleue in a makeover at norstrorm - love! Now, I need Liu : ) thanks for a great review.


  7. Gaia, I just bought 124 as well! :)


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