Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Favorite Rose Perfumes- Part II

From the Alexander McQueen 2008 Collection

Four years ago I made a list of Rose Perfumes For Anti-Rose People. It only had seven fragrances which I thought was more than enough. After all, a rose is a rose is a rose is a... well, maybe not quite. I'm still suspicious of rose perfumes, but I've added several more to my top favorites in addition to the seven perfumes I mentioned in 2009 (which I still love and wear with pleasure and abandon, though I eventually bought Amouage Lyric Man instead of Lyric Woman). Here they are:

Natasha Poly at Alexander McQueen, Spring 2007

* Neela Vermeire- Mohur. I thought the eau de parfum was the stuff of dreams, then I tried the Esprit, an extrait that will be launched in a few months. Gorgeous and soulful is an understatement.

* Providence Perfume Company- Rose Boheme. A natural perfume, rose and patchouli-- it spells hippie but it's not.

* Serge Lutens- La Fille de Berlin. Uncle Serge's third rose perfume was the one I absolutely had to own. Bought a bottle before I even drained the sample.

* DSH Perfumes- Rose Vert. A kaleidoscope of roses and memories.

* Guerlain- Nahema. Everything is better in extrait de parfum.

* Gres- Cabaret. A cheap thrill (at least it used to be) in the form of a soapy rose-chypre.

* Pierre Cardin- Rose Cardin. A little retro and a lot of sex appeal.

* Rochas- Tocade. A Maurice Roucel creation. Need I say more?

* Ungaro- Diva. Red velvet. Not the cake, but a gown.

* Coty-  La Rose Jacqueminot. Because we must have an impossible to find vintage bottle on this list. Seriously, LRJ is a good reminder of what Coty used to be. Utterly heartbreaking.


  1. I would like to add 2 vintages :

    Paris by YSL in vintage edp (my wedding scent)
    2001 et une rose by Lanome edition 1999 (or was it 1998??)

    Wonderfull list by the way.


  2. i've been sneaking into Saks 3-4 times a week to spritz on Rose Oud By Kilian. it's quite a love rose and saffron, although i don't get much oud.

  3. Yes, Gaia wonderful additions to the Rose for non-rosiers (I made a word). As a mid 40s male frag-nerd with a penchant for not wearing what others around me will be wearing, I fell headlong into the search for a perfect rose-non-rose. It all started with Voleurs De Roses, migrated to including Paestum Rose and now I also have Cabaret. The first two I wear by themselves and enjoy the look on people's faces when the can't place the fragrance. Cabaret, however, lends itself perfectly to layering, especially with Encre Noir or Grey Vetiver, Sienne L'Hiver or one of the simpler incense frags; this always garners compliments and surreptitious "you smell fantastic" comments.

    Shame L'Artisan don't really do 50ml bottles anymore, but a big yay for Cabaret being available for little more than a sneeze.

  4. I know it's not fashionable to admit this, but I love Vengeance Extreme by Juliette Has A Gun.

  5. A wonderful list, indeed...
    I am hopelessly in love with Mohur... but, at this moment waaay over my budget... :(
    Till I get THAT extra money, Cabaret and Diva are a very good company. And Jean Patou's Joy - pure beauty in a bottle! Or, for a super-extra vintage vibe N'Aimez QUe Moi from Caron.
    And, in rainy days, two small drops of Bulgarian rose oil. Yes, the one sold in souvenir shops in holiday resorts on the Black Sea coast :)


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