Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Jasmine Perfumes- My Top 10 Picks

I like the idea of jasmine more than I enjoy most jasmine soliflores. But even the heretic that I am who avoids a classic like Serge Lutens A la Nuit can find enough jasmine to love, especially off the beaten path. I often like my jasmine sweet and heady, dirtier rather than green. There are several natural perfumes on this list and that's no coincidence: nothing beats the real thing on a hot summer night. Here are my top ten picks in no particular order:

Tawaf by La Via del Profumo
 Jasmine and opoponax, religion and raw passion.
Krigler- Juicy Jasmine
 So peachy it almost dribbles on your chin.
By Kilian- Love And Tears 
 A romantic floral composed with a scientific precision.
Ayala Moriel- Yasmin
 Natural, sensual, and very elegant.
CB I Hate Perfume- Where We Are There Is No Here M5
 An apparition. Unlike anything else I know.
Aftelier- Candide
 The naughty one. Sensual, sexual, with enough self awareness to still have a sense of humor.
L'Artisan Parfumeur- Thé Pour Un Été
 Chilled jasmine tea on a hot summer night.
Serge Lutens- Sarrasins
 So dirty, so scary. I still can't wear it but I never ever give up.
Le Labo- Jasmin 17
 An ambery jasmine by Maurice Roucel. Need I say more?
Guerlain- Samsara
 This 80s classic is the perfect marriage of jasmine and sandalwood. Vintage is best.

Are you a jasmine lover? What are your favorite jasmine perfumes?


  1. I like half the jasmines on your list because I have not tried the other half. For a man I like LYS 41; this 'fume found my mate an Indian bride.

  2. Oh Jasmine Et Cigarette (ELdO). Odd, weird, slightly jarring, but oh so very cool.

  3. Tawaf is such a lovely, fresh jasmine right on the vine, I just wish it lasted longer than an hour on my skin. Lili Bermuda Jasmine is an indolic one; although I think it's discontinued, I've found bottles at flea markets.

  4. I love filthy jasmine, potent jasmine, like MPG Jasmin and the new Indult Isvaraya; but also like fresher ones like Floral Curiosities Poet's Jasmine and Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint. Also like Jasmine et Cigarette! There are ore but I'm blanking.

  5. With you on the Sarrasins, which is the real thing, but also love Acaciosa, the old Caron perfume, very jasmine and fruity- in a good way

  6. Amen on the vintage Guerlain Samsara which was perfection.

  7. I always considered myself NOT a jasmine lover, yet I do adore both Tawaf and The Pour Un Ete.

  8. I never considered myself a jasmine lover (it's throat clenching to me) but the one I adore is Guerlain's Samsara. I was lucky to score vintage Samsara perfume and it's glorious stuff. So lush and creamy with sandalwood and velvety jasmine.

  9. Just discovered I love Jasmine after using L'occitane jasmine handcream LE I will look these perfumes up, thanks! x

  10. My mum threw out her Guerlain's Samsara I wish I'd stopped her and the vintage chanel perfume too...

  11. If you like dirty jasmine then you need to try Lush Lust. Fair warning - it has huge sillage and longevity so go easy on the application.

  12. Alien by Thierry Mugler. Gorgeous jasmine.


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