Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Ten Favorite Fruity Perfumes

This is my last list of  summery themed perfumes, and I'm quite aware that many of the ones I chose are not exactly your typical light and cute hot weather fragrances. I tried, but while I love sweet perfumes I prefer them on the complex and even heavy side. I guess I prefer my fruit juice pulpy and with some spice.

Neela Vermeire-Bombay Bling. It's mango and it's gorgeous.

Jean Patou-Sira des Indes. Discontinued but still relatively easy to find. It's as tropical as they get, banana included.

Annick Goutal- Quel Amour! Red fruit at its best.

Givenchy- Hot Couture. Preferably in its original formula. Sweet sweet raspberry.

Guerlain- La Petite Robe Noire 2. Cherry, the Guerlain way.

Serge Lutens-Daim Blond. Apricot jam and suede.

Frederic Malle- Le Parfum de Therese. Peach and even melon. The last thing I thought I'd love to distraction, but here we are.

CB I Hate Perfume- Gathering Apples. Sweet red apples and wood.

L'Artisan- Ananas Fizz. Sadly discontinued. A pineapple chypre.

Serge Lutens/Shiseido- Feminite du Bois. The least summery in the group, but the ripe plum note has earned its place on the list.

Art: Aida Emart- Como una Fruta


  1. I'm unfortunate in that it seems as if every fruity perfume that touches my skin turns to Juicy Fruit within 5 minutes. I can do citrus, but anything else becomes an absolute atrocity. Although I must say, the CB I Hate Perfume with the apple sounds intriguing. I don't think I've slaughtered apples in fragrance yet. Thanks for the list!

  2. That's an intriguing list, I will have to try several there that I have never sniffed. My current favorite, and naturally discontinued, fruit-laden perfume is Patou's Colony. I am actually weird enough that pineapple and chypre sounded enchanting to me -- and it is. --annunziata

  3. One of my favorite fruity perfumes is the under-appreciated and under-mentioned Moschino Couture. Simple but difficult to improve upon.

  4. Fragonard's Etoile is my happy place (no matter where I am).


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